‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie and Holly Allen Fight In BB21 House – Breakup of Power Couple?

Big Brother spoilers show Holly Allen and Jackson Michie‘s showmance may have hit a rough patch. It all started on the BB Live Feeds when Jackson wanted to tell Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco a story, but Holly deemed it too personal. Yet, Jackson Michie kept pressuring her to do it and it’s caused some waves for the couple in the aftermath. According to live feed watchers, Jackson Michie was kind of a jerk about the whole thing in the moment. He even asked if she wanted to sleep in different rooms, which hasn’t happened in a long time for the two. Will they be able to come back from this?

Big Brother Spoilers: Jackson Michie Pressures Holly Allen Into Sharing Personal Stuff With Other Houseguests.

Trouble in paradise began for Jackson Michie and his showmance Holly Allen when Jackson tried to tell a story with Holly’s permission. But Holly didn’t want it to be shared with Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy on the grounds that it was probably too personal. Obviously, Holly hasn’t grasped the concept that Big Brother live feeders are watching her every move at any moment of the day.

Holly Allen told Jackson “no” about as many times as he’s eaten a watermelon in the BB21 house. Yet, Jackson Michie kept trying to pressure her into sharing whatever it was, even getting Christie and then Tommy in on it too. A Twitter user captured the whole Big Brother altercation so that everyone could see.

Michie Tells Her to ‘Calm Down’ on Big Brother Live Feeds

If things weren’t already bad enough, Jackson told Holly Allen to, “calm down.” BB Fans commented that you never tell a woman to “calm down” unless you have a death wish, but Jackson Michie apparently missed that memo along with a bunch of others clogging up his mailbox while on Big Brother.

Michie continued to put pressure on her to give him permission to share, but she held her ground. Eventually, Michie let it go while Tommy and Christie took the blame for escalating the situation. But the problems between the Big Brother couple were only beginning because things got worse as they simmered.

‘BB21’ Lockdown Causes More Tension With Showmance

There was an HoH lockdown Saturday night while production presumably fixed some of the things broken during the ‘Hide-and-Go Veto’ competition. And when feeds returned, things were especially awkward between Holly and Jackson. While others claimed it was the “worst Big Brother lockdown” yet.

Whatever went down caused Jackson Michie to ask Holly if she wanted to move her stuff from the HoH room. Then, for the rest of the night they avoided one another and seemed annoyed/upset. Will they be able to come back from whatever happened during the lockdown?

Big Brother: Holly & Jackson Argue Some More and Make Up

The tension between the couple didn’t last more than a day until it came to a head. Jackson Michie and Holly Allen finally hashed it all out in an argument that seemed to drag on forever. It was hard to listen to because they kept on saying the exact same things again and again. At one point, Holly was crying about how badly Jackson’s been treating her. He apologized, she appeared to accept it. Things seem to have worked because the two are back to where they were before everything went down.

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