‘Big Brother’: Jackson Brings Holly Allen to Tennessee to Meet the Michie Family

Big Brother showmance Jackson Michie and Holly Allen are heading to Tennessee. The two are taking a trip to Jackson’s hometown to meet the rest of the Michie family. But first, Holly brought him and some other castmates to see where she works as a wine safari guide. Now, they’re going to the volunteer state to embark on another adventure. And don’t worry, Jackson’s dad has stocked their fridge with Jackson’s favorite snack.

Big Brother: Holly Allen Shows Off Wine Safari

Holly Allen doesn’t work for just any old winery, she works for the Malibu Wine Safari. The ranch and vineyard are located on a thousand acres inhabited by zebras, alpacas, bison, camels and a giraffe. So, of course, she had to take her boyfriend, Big Brother 21 winner, Jackson Michie and some of their other castmates along for the ride.

According to Holly, Jackson got to meet some of her friends and the animals that live on the ranch. Not to mention indulge in some of the area’s best wines.

Holly Allen Meets Jackson Michie’s Family

Although Holly Allen already met Jackson Michie’s mother, father, and brother, the couple is currently near Nashville Tennessee. After meeting all of Holly’s people, it was only fair of her to return the favor and travel with him to his hometown. There seems to be no shortage of adventure for the duo.

They appear to be just as close as they were in the Big Brother house, if not closer. Something that doesn’t tend to last long for most BB couples after the show ends. But maybe Jackson and Holly could be the next Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson.

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Big Brother: Jackson Michie’s Dad Comes in Clutch

For those of you that are worried Jackson Michie could be suffering from watermelon withdrawal, relax. He shared a group chat with his mom and dad that put the fear to rest. His dad asked him if he wanted steaks and assured him that there were, “watermelon in the fridge”. Of course, Jackson told his dad that would be awesome and Holly filmed him cutting into said watermelon. Some things never change.

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