‘Big Brother 21’: Jackson Michie and Holly’s Half-Million Dollar Misstep

Big Brother 21 tonight could see Jackson Michie and Holly Allen making a half-million dollar mistake when it comes to Nick Maccarone versus Christie Murphy. Tonight is live eviction night with Christie on the block for a third time. But unless there’s a reset or a drastic shift in the BB21 house right before eviction, it could be Nick packing his bags. This could be game-changing for Michie and showmance Holly and a huge error in their strategy. They seem to be so blind to what happens next that they’re throwing their game away. Take a look at some of the rumblings in the house and what Nick and Christie say they’d do if they’re the one to stay.

Big Brother Chatter – Christie Murphy Already Plotting Against Jackson Michie & Holly Allen in BB21 House

Even before the live vote, Christie’s chatting around the Big Brother house about targeting Holly Allen and showmance partner Jackson Michie. First, Michie and Holly should count on everyone coming after them, no matter what they said. They’re a power duo with multiple comp winds between them. So, realistically, they should be skeptical of everything that anyone says. But does Christie have them fooled?

This week, she’s lying to their faces about not coming after them. She promised to owe them if they kept her last week. Then, when Holly Allen asked her to be a pawn, Christie whined and fussed about it. Even more outrageously, when the Big Brother prankster (AKA Nick) put her on the block, she’s now acting like that’s her doing them a pawn favor. But they didn’t put her up there. So, that begs the question of why they’re letting her represent her being on the block as anything they did.

Big Brother 21 Problem for Nick Maccarone – Christie Murphy Lies More Convincingly Than He Tells the Truth

The main problem for Nick’s fate in the BB21 is that Christie talks good game. She planned to blow up his game last week, even when he wasn’t on the block. Even knowing that was her strategy, he fell apart, and wound up looking like the bad guy in that conversation. Now, she’s up in the Big Brother HoH room and lying to Holly Allen and her BF Jackson Michie quite convincingly. So much so that her lies come off more honest than Nick’s truth.

Big Brother live feed watchers know that last night, Christie was already openly scheming against Jackson Michie and current HoH Holly Allen. She told Cliff Hogg III that she doesn’t feel like she has to honor any promises she made them. She called them “scary threats” and said the only way to ensure one goes home is to put them on the block together. So, that’s her plan. She also told Nicole Anthony the same thing. Then she ran back to Jackson and promised them safety once again. And they bought it…

BB Insanity – Jackson Michie Plans to Throw the HoH Comp

In a total lack of common sense, Michie told Holly Allen that he’s planning to throw tonight’s Big Brother HoH comp. He’s hoping Cliff or Nicole to win it and see them put Tommy Bracco up next to Christie. Of course, he’s confident that his alliance with Cliff, Nicole, and Christie will stand up. It seems that he and Holly Allen are blind to how the house perceives their threat level versus others in the house. Nick told them he wouldn’t go after them and he probably would not.

But you can bet Christie will if she gets the chance. Today, Nicole reassured the Big Brother showmance duo so they seem to be like mushrooms at this point. Totally in the dark and being fed crap by everyone. It’s nutty they don’t realize Christie’s coming after them. Today, Nick cam talked saying “that’s actually insane that they’re gonna keep her over me”. It is. And could cost them $500k.

It’s double nuts if Jackson Michie throws the HoH endurance comp tonight while Holly Allen’s sidelined as outgoing Head of Household. Watch the BB21 live eviction tonight. If not for a reset, this could be not only the end of Nick’s game but also that of Holly Allen and her constantly-snacking boy toy Jackson Michie. Stay tuned.

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