‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: HoH Holly Allen and America’s Prankster Nick Maccarone Make Their Nominations

Big Brother spoilers reveal prank week might actually be a prank in itself on everyone. Especially Holly Allen (the current head of household) and Nick Maccarone, who was voted America’s Prankster. With Nick on the block sitting next to his nominee Christie Murphy, the actual game is heating up. If Nick were to win or have the PoV used on him, he could take a shot at Holly’s closest ally Jackson Michie on her HoH. But is the whole thing set up to be a reset week?

Big Brother Spoilers: Holly Allen Nominates America’s Prankster Nick Maccarone

For the special prank week twist, Head of Household Holly Allen only gets to nominate one Big Brother houseguest for eviction. The other nominee is made by the player that viewers voted for. It was revealed last night when Nick Maccarone thanked fans for choosing him while he was alone in the bathroom. So, it seems Nick has a special power this week.

But his new position doesn’t keep him safe from eviction. Holly Allen used her one nomination on Nick, who’s America’s Prankster powers doesn’t keep him safe from the Big Brother chopping block. Holly appears to be keeping her word about wanting to work with Christie after voting for her to stay.

Nick Gets Revenge on Christie Murphy

It’s clear that Nick Maccarone and Christie Murphy are dead to each other inside the Big Brother house. But, according to both, they’ll still have a friendship once it’s over. Until then, their number one targets are each other. Since Nick has the power to nominate someone, it was obvious he was going to pick Christie. Especially after their fight last week.

Maybe he would rather have had safety, though, because he’s seated right next to her on the block. Now, Nick and Christie will go head-to-head in the Big Brother power of veto competition. This will be their final chances to secure their safety for the week. If Nick wins, he can take himself down and anonymously make another nominee with his America’s Prankster power. If not, it might just be the end of the road for the New Jersey therapist.

Big Brother Spoilers: Could it be a Reset Week?

Because of the prank week twist, fans are speculating that the entire week could be a reset week. Typically, someone needs to press a button to reset the week, but it is a fun seven days of pranks. So, there could have been no point to this week of gaming and a waste of Holly Allen’s HoH.

Both Christie Murphy and Nick Maccarone would remain in the house and the week would start over again. Which could change to course of the game overall. Watch Big Brother Sunday at 8 pm to see Holly and Nick make their nominations.

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