‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Holly Allen Beats Nicole Anthony in Final HoH Part 2 Competition

Big Brother spoilers reveal Holly Allen won the second part of the final HoH against Nicole Anthony. Earlier, Jackson Michie won the first part. It looks like the second part of the three-part competition was about remembering the days inside of the house. Holly and Nicole went head-to-head, while Jackson Michie sat back and watched. The winner, Holly Allen, will face off against Jackson Michie in the third and final part of the last HoH of the season.

Big Brother spoilers report Jackson won part 1 and Holly won part 2, leaving Nicole’s fate in the game in almost certain doom. When Jackson Michie and his showmance Holly Allen play off against each other in part 3. It’s unlikely that either one will take Nicole Anthony to the end.

Big Brother Spoilers: Jackson Michie Wins HoH Part 1 – Holly Allen Wins Part 2

Typically, the first part of the final HoH is an endurance competition. Yet, they decided to switch things up this year and made it physical and mental. Which makes things even for the three as Holly and Jackson Michie are good at physical comps while Nicole Anthony has blown everyone else away with puzzles during Big Brother. According to their conversations, the comp included a lot of running, jumping, rope swinging and puzzles. One fan shared a sneak peek they found, which looks a lot like production has them playing Temple Run.

According to Big Brother spoilers, Nicole Anthony trailed with 8 points and Holly Allen came in second with 22 points. But Jackson Michie came out on top with a total of 25 points, crowning him the victor of part 1 of the final HoH. Next, Holly and Nicole faced off in order to secure the second spot in part 3, where the winner will choose who to take to the Final 2.

Live Feed Leak Reveals HoH Part 2 Theme

Fans got a quick glimpse of the partially built HoH Part 2 competition during Big Brother: After Dark last night. Cameras switched to the backyard where they revealed that the challenge would have something to do with counting the days. Something that the BB21 houseguests have been prepping for in the last several weeks.

Although the set didn’t look fully done, the footage showed multiple different dates, each above a monitor. These monitors appear to have pictures or videos of a certain event that Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony might have to match to the correct days. But the important question is, who’s put in enough studying to win it?

Did Cliff’s ‘BB21’ Skills Rub Off On Nicole Anthony?

Cliff Hogg III had been putting in the most work studying for the days competition before his eviction. So, because most of his time was spent with Nicole Anthony, there’s a chance that she soaked in some of the Big Brother knowledge. They went over days and events a lot with each other, so Nicole has a good shot. But Holly Allen has been struggling with remembering and seems a little less prepared. Who will win the second part of the final HoH?

Big Brother Spoilers: Holly Beats Nicole – Fans Are Devastated

As Big Brother spoilers reported, Holly Allen bested Nicole Anthony in the Final HoH Part 2, almost certainly awarding Nicole third place then and there. Although she and Jackson Michie will compete in the final part of the HoH, it’s really just a formality. They seem to be set on taking one another to the Final 2 unless either of them decides to pull off a last-minute backstab. Otherwise, the jury will be voting for either Jackson or Holly come finale night.

Watch the Final 3 look back on their time in the Big Brother house this Sunday at 8 pm on CBS.

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