‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Nicole Anthony Snaps – Claps Back at Holly and Jackson Michie

Big Brother spoilers reveal Nicole Anthony standing up to Holly Allen and Jackson Michie for the first time in the BB house. The Staten Island preschool aide snapped after the showmance explained their gameplay. Jackson Michie and his showmance partner Holly blamed Nicole and Cliff Hogg III for threatening to break their promise of a final four deal. But their explanations were too much for Nicole. She clapped back. Yet, will her blowup cost her the game?

Big Brother Spoilers: Jackson Michie & Holly Allen Confront Nicole Anthony

Nicole Anthony, Jackson Michie, and Holly Allen were in the backyard of the Big Brother live feeds when the conversation got tense. Holly and Jackson tried buttering Nicole up with some compliments before moving on to a more serious topic. Jackson using the veto and voting out Cliff. Then the Big Brother showmance attempted to explain why they had to evict Cliff Hogg.

Their reasoning was that Nicole and Cliff ‘contemplated’ breaking their Big Brother final 4 deal and keeping Tommy Bracco over Holly Allen. After renegotiation a deal, they didn’t actually do it. But, Michie and Holly had to make promises and agree to throw comps to keep Nicole Anthony from breaking her word.

Jackson and Holly Allen stressed that the other two were going to. So, that seemed to be all that mattered to the Big Brother couple.

Nicole Anthony & Cliff ‘Forced’ Holly To Throw HoH

According to Holly Allen (and also Jackson Michie), she was “forced” to throw the HoH. Yet, nobody seemed to be holding a gun to her head while they were swinging around during the Big Brother Crash and Burn competition. Holly could’ve just as easily broken her word and been the one in power. But, Jackson wanted to keep at least part of the promise they had made under duress.

It was the showmance’s main reasoning for going back on their own deal with Nicole and Cliff on throwing the PoV. Which was, admittedly, not the smartest move in the first place. If the roles were reversed the couple would have done the same thing. Trying to make a group deal with 4 people at final 4 makes no sense.

Nicole Anthony and Cliff should have gotten rid of Holly Allen when they had the chance. Now, if Nicole Anthony is up against Jackson Michie as the Big Brother final two, Jackson will remind the jury that Nicole had the chance to break up a showmance and didn’t.

Big Brother Spoilers: Nicole Claps Back At Jackson & Holly

It seems Nicole Anthony had enough because she finally snapped. She was upset that they were trying to make her feel bad about forcing them to throw comps in order to make Nicole keep her end of their final four deal. “You two are the martyrs of the season,” Nicole sassed, “I hope they raise balloons in your honor and have Festivus and everyone cheers your name in the streets because Nicole is the horrible person that went against everything!”

Jackson left after she said, walking away in what seemed like anger and frustration. Holly Allen tried to say, “You know that this is not what it’s about”. But Nicole was far too angry to listen. She even ranted to Cliff later, who’s likely going home on Thursday night. But you’ll have to watch Big Brother Wednesday and Thursday night on CBS to know for sure.

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