‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Did Nicole Get Cliff on Board with Holly Blindside?

Big Brother spoilers tease Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg III being the perpetrators of a huge game move. After pulling Cliff off the block with the PoV, Nicole had to convince him to switch their target from Tommy Bracco to Holly Allen. HoH Jackson Michie was forced to nominate the other half of his showmance as she was the only remaining houseguest. But Nicole wants to pull off what could be the greatest move of the summer. Can she get Cliff to go through with her plan?

Big Brother Spoilers: Nicole Anthony Uses Veto on Cliff Hogg – Proposes Brilliant Plan

Big Brother spoilers report that Nicole Anthony pulled out another win during the Big Brother Comics power of veto competition. With it, she promised to take her ride-or-die Cliff Hogg down from the chopping block. It automatically put Holly Allen in his place because she was the only other option. Something Jackson Michie had no control over whatsoever. He didn’t appear that worried about it, while Holly was understandably nervous.

Originally, Nicole and Cliff were set on voting out Tommy Bracco and going to final four with Jackson and Holly. As the only ones allowed to vote at this week’s eviction, whoever they decide on will go. They had made a final four deal with Holly and Jackson. But Nicole had other ideas, one that includes breaking up the Big Brother power couple. All she has to do is convince Cliff, who has his reservations.

Nicole Anthony & Cliff Hogg Set Sights on Holly Allen

It took a little bit of work, but Nicole Anthony eventually got Cliff Hogg to agree to her plan of voting out Holly. It might just be the biggest game move of the summer and could definitely be a deciding reason for her to win Big Brother should she make it to the end. While Cliff wanted to target Tommy, Nicole made him see the genius of her proposed idea.

Now, it looks like Holly Allen may be getting evicted from the Big Brother house come Thursday, as long as Cliff and Nicole remain a united front. Jackson Michie appears to have an inkling and may have campaigned a little against her in the backyard this week. Yet, Holly also might not be blindsided because the Zing alliance wants to give her a heads up.

Big Brother Spoilers: Could Tommy Bracco Mess Up The Blindside

Over the weekend, Tommy Bracco spilled the beans about his connection to Christie Murphy to Holly Allen and Jackson Michie. Which probably wasn’t his best idea, but when on the block in threat of eviction, some people make questionable decisions. But Tommy might be making another mistake by telling Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony the truth as well. He plans on “dropping a bomb” on them, but it could backfire badly. He isn’t aware of the move in progress of evicting Holly. So, will he screw everything up?

Big Brother airs tonight at 8 pm on CBS.

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