‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Holly Allen Throws Crucial ‘BB21’ HoH – Here’s Why

Big Brother spoilers say Holly Allen threw the most important HoH of the summer. But why? Turns out, it was part of the deal she made with Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg III in order to stay and evict Tommy Bracco instead. But that’s not the only thing she promised to throw for the duo.

According to a conversation she had with Jackson Michie, she also said she’d give up in the Power of Veto comp. It seems like the deal she made to save herself at the last eviction means either she or Michie exit this week – unless they go back on their word. Was throwing the HoH competition a game-ending mistake for Holly Allen?

Big Brother Spoilers: Holly Allen Makes a Deal

With her back up against the wall last week, Holly Allen made a dangerous deal with Cliff and Nicole. She promised to tank herself in the Head of Household competition if they kept her in the game and voted out Tommy Bracco. Yet, she might not have realized how powerless that would make her and Jackson Michie.

Because Jackson was BB21 HoH for the last week, he cannot compete in the next one. This means that either Nicole or Cliff will be able to put them both onto the block, with their only chance at survival in the Big Brother game being the PoV. But Holly also swore she would throw that one as well. Will she stay true to her vow?

Holly Allen Throws Head of Household Comp to Nicole

Production spent almost three days building the set for this week’s HoH “Crash and Turn”. Only for it to last about eight minutes with Cliff Hogg being the first one down. Then Holly Allen jumped down, following through on her promise to throw the competition. So much for an exciting Big Brother endurance competition. That had to sting production a bit…

That makes Nicole Anthony this week’s HoH, giving her most of the power and securing her a spot on finale night. Obviously, she plans to take her ride-or-die Cliff with her, but who is her target? Holly carrying out her part of the deal pretty much screwed her own game because she might be the one going home unless she and Jackson go back on the deal.

Big Brother Spoilers: Nicole Targets Holly?

Nicole Anthony straight up nominated Jackson Michie and Holly Allen as expected. But, she discussed all the options with Cliff Hogg, who seemed set on keeping Jackson and evicting his showmance partner Holly Allen. Although Jackson claims he would be willing to throw Holly under the bus to get further, he might not have to.

If either of them wins the veto, whoever comes down gets to decide who goes to jury. Which would almost certainly be Cliff. It all depends on how the PoV plays out. So far this season, Jackson’s remained true to his word. If he and Holly Aleen keep the terrible promises they made, one of them’s out this week…

Tune into BB21 this Sunday at 8 pm on CBS to see the fast-as-lighting endurance comp and nominations.

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