‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Double Eviction Night Will Ruin a ‘BB21’ Player’s Shot at $500K

Big Brother spoilers reveal a surprise double eviction taking place this week. While the houseguests may have an inkling because one has yet to occur this summer, it could still throw a major wrench in their plans. Especially because it happens so quickly that anyone could be out of the running for the $500,000 grand prize by the end of the night. It’s an exciting event for BB fans because it shakes the game up and usually makes things more interesting. Which BB21 houseguest will fall victim to the dreaded double eviction?

Big Brother Spoilers: Jessica Milagros Probably Out

Big Brother spoilers indicate Jessica Milagros might not have to worry at all about the double eviction drama since she’s likely going home right before the second eviction takes place. She’s currently on the chopping block and is HoH Jackson Michie’s target. Christie Murphy was sitting next to her before Tommy Bracco used the PoV and saved her. Then, Jackson Michie put Cliff Hogg III up in her place so that the Big Brother houseguests would be sure to vote out Jess.

Unless Jessica does some major campaigning and manages to flip the Big Brother votes, she will be the first to see Julie Chen on Thursday night. Her nomination may have “blindsided” her, but she has barely done anything about it and seems content to just let it all play out. Jessica has only pleaded her case to her so-called “closest ally” Nicole Anthony. Wrong move, Jess, wrong move.

Could Double Eviction Night Separate Christie Murphy & Tommy Bracco?

Coming into the Big Brother house, Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy already have an advantage by knowing one another. Although Christie has a pretty bad breakup with Tommy’s aunt, they decided to team up and have made it this far in the game together. Mostly because Tommy has used to veto of Christie twice already this summer, saving her from a potential eviction.

But the quick-paced nature of the impending double eviction could see an end to either of their games. Christie would be more likely of the duo to be targeted since Tommy has yet to hit the block this summer. If either of them won, their targets could be any of the remaining Big Brother 21 players, possibly taking a shot at Jackson Michie and Holly Allen.

Holly Allen & Jackson Michie Controlled The BB21 House For Weeks

Showmance Holly Allen and Jackson Michie have taken turns holding the Head of Household mantle. That lasted the past three weeks now. Jackson is in the position right now, looking to send Jessica home and will be powerless during the second eviction. But can Holly win again to keep them both safe with the pressure of a surprise Big Brother double eviction on her shoulders?

It’s entirely possible that the former Miss Wyoming could pull it off and potentially take a shot at Christie Murphy. The Staten Island native, Christie, was one of her targets during her Big Brother spoilers HoH reign last week. That ended with Nick Maccarone’s eviction. If she can’t stop Christie from coming for them, she and Jackson face separation for the first time this summer.

Big Brother Spoilers: Will Underdogs Cliff Hogg & Nicole Anthony Finally Take Control?

Neither Cliff Hogg or Nicole Anthony have made many big moves this season. But could the looming double eviction change that? With one HoH (Cliff) between the two of them, it’s important for their end game to take out a huge threat.

Both struggled to win competitions and are branded the underdogs of the BB21 season. Yet, may Big Brother fans root for them to win. But failure to secure an HoH win during the double eviction could end the dynamic duo. One of them could wind up in the jury house on Thursday night. Their only hope would be the other duos taking shots at one another and forgetting about them for the moment. Which two houseguests will be going home on Thursday night? Watch BB21 this Wednesday at 8 pm and Thursday at 9 pm on CBS to find out!

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