‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Classic PoV Competition Trashes ‘BB21’ House

Big Brother spoilers reveal a classic power of veto competition taking place over the weekend. The ‘Hide and Go Veto’ is a BB classic that has the power to mess up someone’s game literally and figuratively. And this year did not disappoint, because the house was effectively trashed beyond recognition. Tommy ended up winning the comp, with his veto card being hidden the best. Which means HoH Jackson Michie’s nominee Jessica Milagros will probably stay on the block. Will she be evicted this Thursday?

Big Brother Spoilers: Hide and Go Veto Time

One of the most well-known power of veto competitions besides OTEV is ‘Hide and Go Veto’. Where houseguests hide cards with their name on it around the house and the last one that remains hidden win the PoV. It sounds fun, but in retrospect is not so much for the Big Brother houseguests dealing with the aftermath. Things usually get pretty messy and eggs have been thrown on the floor for absolutely no reason (looking at you, James).

Head of Household Jackson Michie and his nominees Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy all played. Tommy Bracco, Cliff Hogg, and Nicole Anthony were the other three participating. Nicole finally got to play in a Big Brother veto competition for the first time since the very beginning of the summer.

Hide and Go Veto Destroys ‘BB21’ House

Big Brother live feeds were down for almost six hours for the competition. But when they came back the place was a dump. Yet, it seems they spared the kitchen from their destruction.  It looked like either someone dropped a bomb on it or the aftermath of a frat party. They tossed the house upside down and the houseguests’ belongings were everywhere

Which was what most people were upset about. There were several items that had been missing for a while and were finally found. Holly Allen found a pair of pants she had misplaced a while ago. Too bad the pink ones that make her look naked didn’t happen to go missing in the mess.

Big Brother Spoilers: Tommy Bracco Secures The Veto

In the end, it was Tommy Bracco who had the PoV swinging around his neck. According to discussions, Tommy had hidden his name card in the target room inside of the round mattress. Everyone else did a pretty good job of hiding theirs, besides Jessica Milagros, who put her own under a mattress. Her reasoning was that is was so easy no one would look.

Tommy told Jackson that he probably wouldn’t use the veto on Christie Murphy because it would make him look bad. He said he used it on her before and it could make him look bad. Jackson said his target is Jess and he doesn’t want to break a tie. But then Tommy told nominee Jessica that he might use it on Christie, so expect anything to happen at the veto ceremony.

Big Brother airs tonight at 8 pm on CBS!

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