‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Killer Clowns Freak Out Nicole Anthony and ‘BB21’ Houseguests

Big Brother spoilers reveal killer clowns terrorizing the houseguests with Nicole Anthony getting it the worst. It seems the creepy clown trend is back for the prank week twist as they’ve been appearing behind the mirrors all around the house. One spooked Cliff Hogg III and the rest of the players in the kitchen. Then, another appeared in the pantry, then the bathroom. But no one was more affected than Nicole Anthony who was freaking out the entire night on the BB21 live feeds.

Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Attack of the Killer Clowns – Nicole Anthony Freaks

The old “face in the mirror” trick isn’t new to Big Brother 21 fans, but production switched it up with scary clowns this time. Big Brother spoilers report that everyone was in the kitchen when Cliff Hogg broke his mug. A terrifying painted face appeared in the mirror above the sink, complete with a wide unnatural smile. Immediately, the entire group started screaming at the tops of their lungs.

Big Brother spoilers also show that Nicole Anthony and Tommy Bracco were clutching one another in sheer terror. Jackson Michie got closer to inspect it while the rest of the players’ reactions ranged from shock to disbelief. Yet, it wasn’t the last clown they would see that night on the Big Brother live feeds. There was a lot of clowning around, to be sure.

Scary Clowns Everywhere on BB21

No one was safe from the creepy clowns lurking behind the walls of the Big Brother house. While Cliff Hogg was pranking the group with a fake mouse hanging from the second floor, another clown appeared. Nicole Anthony seemed the most affected. So, she refused to be by herself for most of the night.

It didn’t take long for another one to get Holly Allen and Tommy Bracco in the BB21 storage room. They didn’t notice it at first, but screamed bloody murder when they realized it was staring at them. Later, Tommy was frightened by another killer clown in the bathroom. Once everyone got a good look, several of them literally fled to the living room for safety. Would the madness ever end on Big Brother?

Big Brother 21 Houseguests Prank Nicole Anthony

As if the killer clowns appearing around the house wasn’t enough, Nicole Anthony’s night got scarier. When the preschool aid was called to the Diary Room, the rest of the BB21 players decided to punk her. While Jackson hid behind the couch, everyone else was in the HoH room.

Once Nicole came out. She saw she was all alone. Then panick set in. She went through a range of emotions while talking to herself. Nicole even went as far as to declare, “this is how I die” as the other Big Brother houseguests lurked out of sight.

Big Brother Spoilers: Killer Clowns Keep Terrorizing Nicole Anthony

Poor Nicole Anthony seemed to be the main target due to her reactions to the clown prank. BB21 production decided to play along with the houseguests’ prank on her by turning the lights off. Several clowns appeared in the mirror and one even made a bird with its hands to make things worse. Nicole was visibly shaking throughout the entire ordeal.

Eventually, she found Jackson and the others, who told her that Big Brother told them to hide. After she finally told the creepy clowns to “bring it on,” one drew a finger across its throat and freaked her out again. It’s probably safe to say she didn’t sleep very well last night. BB21 airs Wednesday night on CBS.

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