Walking Dead Spoilers: Rick Grimes Death Details Leak – Shane Back With Jon Bernthal Cameo

The Walking Dead spoilers for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) death details are leaking like a sieve. It includes the return of Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) in Rick’s final moments. If the sources are right, it looks like as Rick falls, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) rises. Several sources confirm the details and these align to other evidence. TWD Season 9 Episode 5 is supposed to be Rick Grimes’ swan song episode with a surprising return. Here is the dirt we dug up on Rick’s upcoming death.

SPOILER ALERT – If you don’t want to know the details of Rick Grimes’ death, stop reading now!

Savior Discord Plays Role in Rick Grimes Death

Rick Grimes death is coming soon. On last week’s The Walking Dead, it was evident that animosity between the Saviors and other communities are at a boiling point. The leak says there’s more inter-community fighting and the leaders try to simmer down their people. Rick heads to the Sanctuary with much-needed food and supplies. TWD spoilers show him ambushed on the way.

The Saviors that spring up on him are Negan loyalists. They loose his horses and then debate who will kill him. Rumor has it that Jed (Rhys Coiro) shoots but misses the kill shot. Rick Grimes returns fire and takes out a few. He doesn’t die right away, though. The Walking Dead spoilers source says the remaining Saviors run off leaving Rick for dead.

The Walking Dead Welcomes Back Shane

A third spoiler source confirmed this next part. TWD spoilers reveal that Shane Walsh is back for Rick’s death throes. Back in June, TV Web reported that Jon Bernthal was spotted in Atlanta with other Walking Dead actors. They theorized he was shooting a cameo and the leaked script info confirms they had it right!

The Walking Dead: Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) - Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

The Saviors shoot Rick, and wounded, he starts to hallucinate. But then, Shane is there telling him to “get the f-k out of there” or he’ll die. Ghost Shane gets Rick on his feet. The leak also reported that Snow Patrol’s Set the Fire to Third Bar will be Rick’s death anthem. This is interesting because Andrew Lincoln told TV Line that the song helped him cope with filming Lori’s death scene back in Season 3.

Check out the pic above of Andrew Lincoln with Jon Bernthal on a coffee run near TWD set in Senoia, Georgia in June 2018 when Jon filmed his Shane hallucination scenes! Below is a page of a script that leaked from the Rick Grimes death episode. Check it out and you see Shane, Carol, Maggie, and others mentioned.

The Walking Dead leaked script

Rick Staggers Back to Alexandria on TWD

The Walking Dead spoilers source reveals that Rick gets up and heads back towards home. He sees flashbacks along the way. Remember the scenes from the Season 9 promo video showing Rick’s boots with blood splatters? That’s not him as a walker – that’s him walking home. He is the walking dead personified at that point it seems.

Rick reaches the gates of Alexandria, but by then, he’s turned walker. Meanwhile, Negan is out of his cage, according to the spoilers leak. It looks like he gets the Saviors under control when they show up to Alexandria not too far behind dying Rick. It looks like Negan telling Rick he was “just getting the new world ready for me” was spot-on.

Negan Back – Maggie Exits on The Walking Dead

Other leaks from The Walking Dead promise that Negan moves back into a prominent role in the vacuum left by Rick’s death. The other communities allowing a supposedly reformed Negan to take back the Sanctuary is what spurs Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) to leave. Lauren Cohan’s confirmed done at TWD and has moved on to a new show, Whiskey Cavalier, at ABC.

Deadline reported that Lauren only signed on for six episodes of Season 9 so that means her exit comes one episode after Rick Grimes dies in Season 9 Episode 5. Reportedly, Maggie takes her son and strikes out on her own, far from Negan and the established communities. This leaves it open-ended for her to return at some point.

AMC has not confirmed any official Rick Grimes death spoilers but we have aligning leaks from three separate sources plus news reports and photo evidence. With few episodes left until he meets his maker, things are getting good. What do you think about the leaked details on Rick’s death?

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