‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: LEAK – Who Kills Rick Grimes Revealed?

The Walking Dead spoilers reveal who kills Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The season 9 debut means Rick’s time is running out. AMC isn’t trying to hide the exit, but the big questions remain. When will Rick die and how? With less than two weeks from TWD season nine premiere, we’ve got some inside spoilers on what happens, how long Rick Grimes has left.

The Walking Dead Spoilers – Who Kills Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead spoilers from set stalkers Spoil the Dead never disappoint. Their network of South Georgia sleuths and set insiders always have the earliest and most accurate reveals. They revealed that the first big character death of TWD Season 9 is disgraced ex-Hilltop leader Gregory (Xander Berkeley).


Rick Grimes Dies in Episode 5?

The looming issue is when will Rick Grimes die and how? Andrew Lincoln was in London more than two months ago. Meanwhile, the AMC show was filming back in Georgia. This jives with the Spoil the Dead leak that Rick Grimes dies in episode five.

However, they do say this might be TWD production messing with the spoilers and they might have filmed all of Andy Lincoln’s Season 9 episodes early in the year and then released him to go home, as he wanted. However, given the multiplicity of characters and elaborate sets and special effects, it seems more likely that Rick Grimes dies earlier in the season. Since AMC confirmed the death, fans will be all-consumed with Rick’s fate until then.

When and How Does Rick Grimes Die?

There have been many fans theories as to how Rick Grimes dies. Many have been debunked but are fun to read.

The latest inside scoop has Rick dying in episode 5. His death intertwines with another major character according to set sources. The promo video showing Maggie with the crowbar doing a beatdown is now believed to be her finishing off Rick after he turns walker. You can see in the spoiler video Rick’s boots with blood raining down on them in a shuffling, walker-esque gait.

There’s also the clip of a walker looming over Rick’s sleeping face. Some had said he is bitten by a walker and turns. However, now it seems that the Walker is not a zombie, but one of the Whisperers, the violent tribe that wears the rotting flesh of the dead and walks among them. The prevailing sentiment is that a Whisperer stabs Rick sealing his fate.

Norman Reedus Describes Rick’s Final Scene

The Walking Dead spoilers from the final video show that Rick is down and out on the bridge when the groups face the herd. Among that herd are real walkers plus Whisperers who are more dangerous since they yield weapons and intellect. He sits incapacitated as the others rush past him into battle. It looks like he meets his maker soon after that.

Daryl Dixon, aka Norman Reedus, described Rick’s final scene to ComicBook.com. Andrew Lincoln was “lying there, and he’s supposed to giggle”. Norman said he helped out. “I’m under the camera tickling his feet so he can giggle.” Reedus added, “At the very end, he got up, and we gave him a standing ovation.”

Why Andrew Lincoln Exits The Walking Dead

It’s countdown time to The Walking Dead Season 9 premiere. Rick’s death comes soon – are you ready? Reportedly, showrunners killing off Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) changed the show for Andrew Linoln. His TV son’s untimely exit saddened Lincoln. That, plus long stretches where he was away from his UK family took a toll. At least it looks like Rick goes down fighting!

Watch AMC for TWD Season 9 premiere on October 7 and check back to Soap Dirt often for more The Walking Dead spoilers and news.