‘Walking Dead’: How Will Rick Die? Zombie, Negan or, Something Else? What Fans Think

Walking Dead Spoilers show that Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) is filming his last season. So how will Rick Die? Show creator Robert Kirman confirmed that this is Andrew Lincoln’s last season. The question fans have now is how Rick’s storyline will end?  Will he die from a zombie attack, get killed by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), or something else.

Rick is one of the few characters still alive from season one.  The Walking Dead doesn’t have problems killing off popular characters and the time has officially come to end Rick Grimes.  Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) recently died, and many fans vowed to quit watching the show (they didn’t stop). But with Rick gone will Walking Dead fans continue to watch?

Fans are quick to speculate as to how it will end for Rick Grimes.  Here are some of the top theories when asked “How will Rick die?”

One of his own kills Rick

Rick is at odds with both Darryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan).  The new trailers for season 9 show Rick coming to blows with both of them.  Could one of his “friends” be forced to kill Rick for the greater good of the people they protect?

A zombie bites Rick Grimes

We just saw Rick’s son, Carl, get bitten by a walker and kill himself before he turned.  Could Rick be in for the same fate?  It’s doubtful they would duplicate the same scenario, but the writers may add in an additional twist.

Carl’s death was a total departure from the graphic novels.  In the comics, both Rick and Carl are still alive.  Getting away from the comic books canon leaves the door wide open for ways to dispose of Rick.

Andrew Lincoln was asked “How will Rick die?” several seasons ago. Lincoln said Rick should die during a heroic act saving the group.  The actor also added that he wants to get bitten and not die. He wants to be the cure.

A group of walkers rip Rick to pieces

The Walking Dead writers love to have zombies rip apart the flesh of its characters.  Many fans expect to see a super-sized zombie hoard at some point.  Will Rick wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Negan kills Rick

One thing all TWD fans know is, if you show mercy to an adversary – they will come back and kill you.  Carl warned daddy Rick that he should kill The Governor (David Morrissey). Rick didn’t and later regretted it.  Did he make the same mistake with Negan?

In the trailer, there is a menacing warning written on a wall that says “Saviors Save Us! We are all still Negan.”

The government kills Rick

The show has been teasing us with a black helicopter.  Another black helicopter is in the upcoming trailers.  Plus, it looks like Rick is in a downtown area fighting zombies on horseback.  It looks like downtown Atlanta.  Could there still be some form of government left?  In almost every post-apocalyptic movie or show, if the government survives – they are never kind to survivors.

The helicopter is somehow tied into Jadis. It could also belong to “The Commonwealth” from the comic books.  But the show has gone so far off-script it’s impossible to know.

Rick Grimes Dies from old age – Job security for Andrew Lincoln

Leaving Rick alive but off the show would be the one scenario that would really drive fans off the deep end.

Since Rick is now the driving force of the show, most fans assume the “parting of ways” was initiated by Andrew Lincoln himself.  Therefore, the show runners may want to keep his character “alive” but gone.  It would be easy to have Rick leave the group (or be forced out) never to be seen again.  That is until they back up the money truck to bring him back or give him a spin-off series.

TWD loves to play with time. The writers may simply include a flash-forward scene showing us an Old-Man Rick (again) in a better place.  That would a lame way to end Rick’s run on the show, but at this point, nothing would surprise fans.

How will Rick Die?

Fans are hoping for a good death.  If the show does decide to give Rick on-screen death, we can expect it to be violent and gruesome.  On The Walking Dead, the more important the character, the more shocking the death.

Watch the official trailer for Season 9 of The Walking Dead.


UPDATE: On set sources have leaked how Rick Grimes really dies. Read to find how Rick Grimes dies.

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