‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Maggie Executes Gregory in Premiere – First Major Death of Season 9

The Walking Dead spoilers reveal Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) kills Gregory (Xander Berkeley), the ex-Hilltop leader, in the TWD premiere of season 9.  It appears his double-crossing days are over because set insiders have leaked that Maggie acts as judge, jury, and execution as he’s hung. Gregory is the the first major death of this season.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Gregory Dies – Executed by Maggie

On The Walking Dead, Gregory and Maggie have been at odds for a long time, but Gregory oversteps again soon. We know the show does a time jump, so when we pick up the story, there are new communities formed. Maggie is firmly entrenched as the Hilltop’s leader and Gregory remains sore about being ousted. Here’s why she must kill him.

It’s all about Hilltop blacksmith Earl Sutton (John Finn) getting drunk and disgruntled. Earl suffers a massive loss in the the season opener. Earl’s married to Tammy Rose Sutton, played by renowned Southern comedian Brett Butler (Grace Under Fire, Anger Management). Their son Ken is infected in the season premiere and Maggie must put him down.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Gregory (Xander Berkeley) dies

Maggie Kills Gregory – TWD Promo Shows the Scene

After Ken’s death, Earl is in a state and Gregory leverages the man’s grief to try and take down Maggie. Gregory gets Earl drunk and trash-talks Maggie. Then Gregory goes to Maggie and says someone was tampering with Glenn Rhee’s (Steven Yeun) grave. Drunk Earl attacks her at the gravesite.

Enid (Katelyn Nacon) is also injured in the assault. The women are saved, but things turn ugly after that. Maggie confronts Gregory and they brawl. Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) tries to intervene, but Maggie is dead-set on making an example of troublemaking Gregory. There’s a night scene with a makeshift gallows and she publicly hangs Gregory.

Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) are stunned. This sets the stage for deep divides in The Walking Dead Season 9 between characters that were once allies. See the promo below and pause at the 3:47 mark to see the gallows. The latest spoilers indicate Earl may also find himself at the end of Maggie’s patience – and noose since he’s not been seen on set since.

Gregory Hanged by Maggie in TWD Comics too

These events align with his death in The Walking Dead graphic novels. In the comics, he lures Maggie into his trailer and tries to kill her with poisoned wine. Jesus, at Maggie’s instructions, puts him into the Hilltop’s prison. Later they decide the only way to keep everyone safe is to kill Gregory so he’s hung from a tree.

The events in Season 9 are a little more elaborate but the end result is the same. Maggie’s tired of his interfering with her Hilltop reign and puts him in a noose. So long Gregory – will anyone miss the troublemaker?

The Walking Dead Spoilers – Rick Grimes Die soon also

Most fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting on awful Gregory to meet his maker, so that’s no big loss. What will come as a huge loss to fans is the death of Rick Grimes.  There have been many fun fan theories, but insiders revealed that Rick dies in this season in Episode 5.

Rick and Gregory aren’t the only major characters to die soon.  Within a few episodes, some of The Walking Dead will kill off some of the most beloved characters. New characters have been cast to replace the veterans that will disappear one by one in the current season of TWD.

Watch what Maggie does on AMC’s TWD Season 9 premiere on October 7 and check back to Soap Dirt often for more of The Walking Dead spoilers and news.