The Walking Dead Spoilers S9 E3: Maggie and Daryl Let Saviors Die – Complete Episode Breakdown of “Warning Signs”

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 3 spoilers for “Warning Signs” reveal Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) at risk and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) rallies to her side. Be warned! These are detailed spoilers that lay out the entire TWD episode S9 E3 blow by bloody blow. If you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. We’re just two episodes from Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) death and the imminent departure of Maggie Rhee. So read on at your own peril!

The Walking Dead – Savior Justin Is Walker Food – Grimes Family Sweetness

As TWD S9 E3 opens, walkers munch on Justin (Zach McGowan) but don’t finish him off. Distracted walkers wander off and Justin turns walker himself. Justin shambles off past a piece of graffiti that reads Final Warning. Too late for him, though.

The Walking Dead spoilers show Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) kisses Michonne (Danai Gurira) and leaves to do some community bidness. But he comes back later that day and there’s concern over Judith Grimes (Chloe and Sophia Garcia-Frizzi) coughing.

TWD Spoilers – Rick Grimes and Michonne Baby Talk

AMC TWD spoilers have Rick and Michonne talking babies and we know that’s a sure sign of impending death. Remember Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) talked settling down and making babies and then bam, baseball bat to the head. Since Rick Grimes dies in episode 5 of The Walking Dead (spoiler alert), this is a red flag of what’s coming soon so watch carefully.

Rick and Michonne take Judith to see Siddiq (Avi Nash). After getting the little girl checked out, the trio plays around as a family. While Michonne teaches her some self-defense moves, Rick watches on a sweet family day. Of course, the happy won’t last because Rick’s time is running out on The Walking Dead.

Maggie Rhee Harassed by Saviors

The Walking Dead spoilers have Maggie Rhee hauling food to Sanctuary. She runs into Saviors on the road that are searching for missing community members. Some of their own have disappeared and then Jed (Rhys Coiro) hassles Maggie. That’s the guy rumored to shoot Rick in S9 E5.

Laura (Lindsley Register) and Arat (Elizabeth Ludlow) get Jed to back off Maggie Rhee, but the tension remains. Scott (Kenric Green) breaks the news about Justin to Rick and Michonne back at Alexandria. He says that Justin’s death looks hinky. Meanwhile, back at the campsite, Justin’s body causes an uproar.

Chaos at the Camp on The Walking Dead

New The Walking Dead spoilers for Season 9 Episode 3 has a near-riot breaking out at the communal campsite. People are freaking out and when Alden (Callan McAuliffe) tries to calm people down, Jed attacks him. Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) steps up with gun at the ready.

Laura and Carol try to calm things, but hot heads prevail. Guns are drawn. The Saviors grab up hand tools to fuel their aggression. Rick shows up and works hard to defuse the situation. Laura and Arat get the Savior dudes to back off eventually but Alden wants guns since Saviors are missing and dying.

Father Gabriel Lies to Rick on Walking Dead

TWD detailed spoilers have Rick quizzing Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam) on where Anne (aka Jadis, Pollyanna McIntosh) was the night before. Gabriel lies and says he was with her all night. After they got busy, she took off, but Gabriel covers for her with Rick.

Rick wants the Father to keep an eye out because she might not be trustworthy. Gabriel tells his new bed warmer that Rick was asking about her. We all know that Jadis is keeping secrets about the helicopter and her secret lair but it won’t be secret much longer.

The Walking Dead Savior Murder Mystery

Maggie Rhee and Rick Grimes wonder who murdered Justin. Rick Grimes chats up Daryl Dixon with the same line of questioning. He says some suggested Daryl might be the killer. Daryl Dixon reminds Rick of the people that should be with them that the Saviors killed like Abraham, Sasha, and Glenn.

Rick asks him to try and get along. He reminds Daryl that he found a way to forgive him for leaving Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) to die in Atlanta. Maggie and Daryl Dixon chat about Rick’s suspicions and vision for the future. Neither likes it, but also don’t think Rick is wrong.

More Victims on TWD

The community gets back to work on The Walking Dead after the campground chaos. Everyone’s taking down walkers when Cyndie (Sydney Park) and Maggie Rhee report a group of the undead. So Rick heads over to help and calls for backup. The support never shows, so they go look for them but find trouble instead.

Maggie finds an Oceansider knocked out but alive and learn Savior Arat (Elizabeth Ludlow) was taken. Daryl Dixon notices a crossbow bolt in one of the walkers and thinks he knows the perpetrator. Carol and Rick search together for Arat and Jed ambushes them because he can’t let things go.

Jadis Caught Red Handed

On this Sunday’s The Walking Dead, Anne-Jadis heads to her junkyard clean room lair and reaches someone on a walkie talkie. She radios that she saw the helo and knows they’re nearby and then asks if they want an “A” or “B”. We hear that Jadis was paid for the transaction and they want an “A”.

S9 E3 “Warning Signs” will show that Gabriel followed his new lover to her hideout and confronts her. She admits to swapping people for supplies and then asks Gabriel to run away with her, but he wants to run to Rick instead. That earns him a punch in the head. The Father’s down for the count.

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Carol Knifes Savior Jed

On The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 3, Jed gets hold of Carol during the confrontation with a knife to her throat. Rick pulls his gun, a fracas ensues, and Carol winds up shallowly stabbing Jed. Meanwhile, Daryl and Maggie find Arat, but it’s Oceanside that has her, not Jadis-Anne.

The seashore ladies want revenge. Justin had to die for killing Beatrice’s husband. Arat, turns out, killed one of Cyndie’s family. They tell Maggie Rhee she inspired their quest for revenge when she strung up Gregory (Xander Berkeley).

Maggie Inspires Murder on The Walking Dead

The Oceanside gals think Rick Grimes’ rules are nice and all, but they want revenge like Maggie got. The women admit to killing the Saviors. Arat wants Maggie and Daryl to save her and stop the women. Instead, Daryl and Maggie walk away and leave her to her fate. The women murder Arat.

TWD Season 9 Episode 3 “Warning Signs” draws deeper lines in the sand. Rick wants rules. Maggie and Daryl Dixon want justice. Jadis-Anne wants to keep living her secret life. The Saviors want guns to protect themselves. This powder keg blows soon, and Rick is killed in the upheaval in episode 5 of The Walking Dead.

Looks like a good episode of TWD S9 E3 on Sunday, October 21. Check out the photo slideshow and video promos above so see these spoilers in action. What do you think? Do the Saviors deserve to be left to their fate? Be sure to read the detailed spoilers on Rick’s upcoming death!

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