Walking Dead Spoilers: Rick Grimes Dies – Two Episode Death Spiral Starts Tonight on TWD

The Walking Dead spoilers for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) death reveal Season 9 Episode 4 kicks off a two-episode epic exit sequence. Tonight, Rick is fatally injured and his death struggle begins. He won’t die until Season 9 Episode 5 as TWD fans know the show never does things quickly.

Some big news sites that don’t do their Walking Dead spoilers homework are saying Rick dies this week. He won’t. Reliable sources from the set in south Atlanta report Andrew Lincoln was shooting scenes through Episode 5, and his death airs on Sunday, November 4. Check out the latest on-set sources on Rick’s fatal injury. Hint: rebar takes out the ex-sheriff!

Also, be sure to check out the statement from Andrew Lincoln. A letter from the actor to the press shows his final thoughts. Read it in the slideshow below in its entirety.

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The Walking Dead spoilers: Rick Grimes Fight With Daryl Dixon

More The Walking Dead spoilers reveal that the Savior’s kidnapping and deaths tie directly into Rick Grimes’ death. The Saviors are growing more unsettled by the day. Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Rick go for a ride (see in the promo video below). Along the way, Daryl reveals he knows the Oceanside women are the ones killing off the Saviors. Daryl knew, didn’t care, and let it go on. He hates the Saviors and running the community for a while only made him dislike them more.

Rick doesn’t like this, and they brawl but then make peace. However, once they resume their motorcycle ride, they run into a herd and Rick takes the lead on horseback to try and lead the herd away from the communities. Unfortunately, he tumbles from his horse, is impaled on a piece of rebar and the herd closes in on him. That’s how the episode ends and then his death shamble, featuring visions of past characters, is on S9 E5.

The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook posted a behind-the-scenes photo of the site where Rick Grimes is fatally injured. As the herd surrounds him, he falls on rebar. The tennis balls in the photo were to keep Andy Lincoln (and his stunt double) safe during filming. It seems a terrible way for the epic Walking Dead hero (and at times, anti-hero) to meet his end. His goodbye to the press reveals he’s really done. Some sites keep writing that his exit might not be fatal or final. They are wrong. Rick Grimes dies.

Walking Dead – Michonne and Negan Share Family Memories

Meanwhile back in Alexandria on TWD, spoilers say Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is on a hunger strike. He insists he doesn’t feel like eating but says he will if Michonne (Danai Gurira) talks to him for a while. They cut a deal for a 20-minute chat to clean his plate, and she takes a seat. Negan says him dying of starvation will make Rick Grimes look bad and disrupt his vision of the future. Negan opens up about his wife, the woman he named Lucille for and asks about his beloved bat.

Michonne talks to him about her son Andre’s death. Negan is toying with her. Perhaps he has an endgame, or maybe he’s just bored and being a prick. Negan really wants to know where Lucille wound up and is upset when Michonne says they just left the hateful instrument where it dropped. After Michonne leaves, The Walking Dead spoilers say that Negan begins to bang his head against the wall. Rumor has it that he’s free of his cell in the next few episodes, so we’ll see if he goes to find his bloody bat.

TWD Spoilers – Maggie Rhee Wants Justice

The latest Walking Dead spoilers video shows Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) wants to make things right, so she packs a crowbar. She’s planning to head to Alexandria to finish off Negan like she wanted to do a long time ago. Jesus (Tom Payne) counsels Maggie who says she will “make things right”. Jesus says Rick was wrong to take Negan captive but wants her to be sure and not wrong like Rick Grimes was. Spoilers say Maggie departs in S9 Episode 8 and Negan lives, so obviously things won’t go as she planned.

Other TWD spoilers for S9 E4 say Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) tells Rick Grimes that the bridge won’t hold if flood waters keep rising. The inter-community camp riots some more and gunshots are fired. The walker herd heads toward the camp because of the gunshots. That spurs Rick Grimes to take to horseback to try and lead the herd away from everyone else. It’s his last time to play hero to save everyone and his ultimate downfall. Daryl Dixon splits off from Rick and heads to the camp to try and evacuate and help there.

On S9 E4, Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam) wakes tied up. Jadis-Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh) has him captive and threatens him with a walker to buy his silence. Gabriel usually takes the coward’s way, so this should be interesting.

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Check out photos from The Walking Dead – from Episode 4 of Season 9 above.

Rick Grimes Fatal Injury in Last Moment of Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 4

The inside info from tonight’s The Walking Dead (October 28th, 2018) Season 9 Episode 4 promise a bitter cliffhanger. Two herds surround Rick. The horse throws him, and he’s impaled on rebar spikes. As S9 E4 closes, Rick Grimes passes out. He will not die tonight, so ignore the sites saying he will. Instead, he’ll have a long walk back to Alexandria in Season 9 Episode 5. Those are the scenes from the Season 9 trailer with his boots shuffling while blood drips on them.

That’s when he hallucinates the past characters. Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal), Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) and Sasha Williams (Sonequa Martin-Green) all appear to Rick Grimes in his dying moment before he turns into a walker at the gates of Alexandria. You can put your tissues away. Tonight’s episode S9 E4 is action-packed. But next week, on S9 E5, that’s when you need your Kleenex for the flashbacks and sad final moments as Rick Grimes dies.

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