‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: New Older Judith Debuts After Dad Rick Grimes’ Death or Exit

The Walking Dead spoilers are out for tonight and it looks like a new older Judith Grimes, played by Caily Fleming, is going to show up after Rick Grimes‘ exit from TWD. A lot is supposed to go down tonight according to behind the scene sources. The source would not reveal if Rick lives or simply exits the show. AMC bills the show as Rick Grimes last show, but doesn’t specifically say he dies. Viewers will have to wait until Sunday night to find out.

They already lead up to Rick’s leaving, but now, it looks like a time jump is coming and Judith will age by several years.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Big Judith age jump

In the past, The Walking Dead has aged Judith by a couple of years and it is about to happen again. If you are a fan of the comics, then you know that Magna has to show up at some point. Tonight after Rick Grimes time on the AMC show is done, it looks like Magna will appear and need to be saved. This will be when Magna is introduced, but also her crew.

So who will save Magna? The Walking Dead spoilers reveal it will be Judith as a 10-year-old because of course, she can handle herself. She shows up on The Walking Dead toward the end wearing her brother Carl’s hat with a shotgun in her hand. TWD Spoilers have even revealed who is going to play Judith now.

The new actress playing Judith

The Walking Dead spoilers show the new actress said to play Judith is Caily Fleming. She has acting experience and is known for her roles in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Peppermint (2018) and Better Things (2016.) On Star Wars: The Force Awakens Caily Fleming played the Young Rey.

The last time that AMC aged Judith on The Walking Dead, Tinsley Price took over the role. She is known for her role on Stranger Things where she played Holly Wheeler.

How will The Walking Dead have changed?

A lot is going to change according to The Walking Dead spoilers. Judith is going to be older, Rick is gone and Negan will eventually be on the loose again. It sounds like Negan will be a leader again at some point in the future. It’s a role he fits into best. It sounds like Michonne will still be around. The new Judith, played by Caily Fleming, is close to her. This may be who she taught her how to handle herself because Michonne obviously knows how.

For a while now, TWD fans have known that Rick Grimes’ exit is supposed to be coming tonight. There’s talk that AMC may pull a fast one on viewers tonight. They could leave it open-ended where he could return at some point or move onto a Walking Dead spinoff or movie.

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