The Walking Dead Recap: Rick Grimes’ Return and 5 WTF Moments of S9,E6

The Walking Dead Recap shows Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has a son. Andrea Kang added another amazing episode to collection last week with S9, E6 “Who are You Now?” Fans experienced all the emotions — shock, joy, vindication, and fear — in jaw-dropping scenes

Rick Grimes and Michonne have a baby. Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) kills the Saviors. Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) kiss. Plus, Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) and Rosita encounter Whisperers. These are moments people can’t stop talking about and why…

The Walking Dead Recap: Rick Jr… Rick Grimes & Michonne’s baby

This episode gave fans the baby they always wanted — R.J./Rick Jr. (Antony Azor), the 5-yeard old son of Rick Grimes and Michonne (Danai Gurira). Everyone had to do a double take when that darling little boy ran into Michonne’s arms.  

When asked about why they decided to add a Rick/Michonne baby to the storyline, Kang told the Hollywood Reporter “We wanted to show that Rick and Michonne were committed to each other, fully.” Well, Mission Accomplished. THANK YOU! The existence of R.J turns The Walking Dead‘s future upside-down. It completely changes the game because… SPOILER ALERT — it proves Rick will return to the series!

AMC Pulled a Fast-One on The Walking Dead Fans – Rick Grimes will Return

Angela Kang and Scott Gimple swore Rick will no longer be on The Walking Dead series because Andrew Lincoln needed to spend more time with his real family.  AMC promos sounded like Rick Grimes would die. Turns out, he will no longer be on the show but instead Andrew Lincoln will star in three made for televison TWD movies. These which will come out sometime next year. But now after revealing Michonne & Rick have a son, there’s no way the showrunners would allow Rick to never get to know his biological child.

Even back in S2 E6, when Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) told Rick she was pregnant and that she wanted to abort the child because she didn’t want her baby born into the apocalypse, Rick was heartbroken. He begged her to reconsider and reconsider.

So when Michonne and him were making plans for Alexandria’s future, Rick was definitely onboard for them to get pregnant. If Rick knew he had another child, and that he would be leaving behind not one, but two children — he would fight that much harder to get back home to them.

The Walking Dead has always shown how much Rick loved Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs). His son, Carl, was always at the forefront of his mind. Witnessing the death of his first-born – after he had fought so hard to protect him for so many years – broke Rick. If not for Michonne, he would have never recovered. Together, he and Michonne were unstoppable.

Knowing that his dream of having more children actually came to fruition is something fans NEED Rick to realize. TWD execs would be foolish to prevent that. They HAVE to let Rick come back to the show. It’s not a matter of IF… it’s a matter of WHEN.

Carol savagely kills evil Saviors

Don’t let the long hair and afterglow fool you… Carol is still Carol. This episode just reminds everyone. When she and her adopted son Henry (Matt Lintz, who’s related to Madison Lintz, who played Carol’s daughter, Sophia in Season 2) took off on a trip to the Hilltop, they encounter a few old enemies. The Walking Dead execs wanted to stick with the comic book storyline originally written for Carl Grimes, but since he’s out, they gave it to Henry instead. Henry was headed to the Hilltop to train to become a blacksmith.

Along the way, Carol and Henry ran into some Saviors who rob them and beat up Henry.  They take their supplies and Carol’s wedding ring. When Henry tries to defend his mother, the lead Savior beats him up. He only stops when Carol agrees to give him her ring.

Afterwards, Carol and Henry have a heart-to-heart about why Carol didn’t defend herself. Carol says she’s changed and was restraining from violence  because it wasn’t necessary. Henry disagrees with how she handled the Saviors, and lets her know.

That night as he sleeps, Carol realizes she misses her ring and let the Saviors off too easy. Old habits die hard, and she tracks the Saviors, douses them with gasoline, wakes them up to hear them beg, and lights a match to watch them burn.  An AMAZING scene, and a turning point for the reinvented Carol.  In case you forgot… Carol is NOT to played with on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Father Gabriel — the ladies man?

Who knew Father Gabriel would be so popular with the ladies. Aren’t priests supposed to be celibate? How in the world is Gabriel getting laid more than Daryl?

First, the Father was with Anne, and now he’s moved on to Rosita Espinosa, and like Eugene Porter, fans are baffled. Rosita is one of the most beautiful women on The Walking Dead. Though she is insecure and likes to hop around a bit… it just makes no sense she’s with Gabriel.

Their onscreen kiss was pretty convincing though… especially since she had her eyes closed. Perhaps she can’t stand to look at it either. LOL. Not sure… but this may be worse than the idea of Eugene and Rosita.  Unfortunately, it seems like this Rosita/Gabriel/Eugene thing will have to play itself out. LOOK AWAY.

A Taste of the Whisperers

Never in the history of The Walking Dead have zombies been able to turn around and track people as fast as those that came after Eugene and Rosita.

This episode gives fans a chilling encounter of The Walking Dead’s scariest villians — The Whisperers.  As Rosita and Eugene are setting up a radio on a water tower to pick up signals from others far away, they see a massive herd heading straight for them.

The herd changes direction from its original course, and does a U-turn in order to trap them.  Eugene warns Rosita so they can get away, but then he hurts his knee climbing from the tower. The herd quickly catches up to them, and since Eugene is slowing them down, he tells Rosita to leave him behind.

She refuses and tells him she’s sticking it out. He starts to confess his feelings for her, but Rosita cuts him short telling him “Don’t make this weird.”

Rosita is Eugene’s only hope of surviving. The herd is much faster than the typical zombies they’re used to, so the pair do the only thing they can. They hide and wait. That’s when they hear the zombies whispering to each other about their whereabouts.  Looks like these two are sitting ducks…and just when things were heating up between them. LOL.

Well… Pretty safe to say, the Walkers are scary again. Not sure if Rosita and Eugene will make it, but if The Whisperers do kill Rosita, it wouldn’t be a stretch from the comics. In the comics, The Whisperers kill Rosita in issue #170. She and Eugene are in a relationship and he has accepted that she is pregnant with Siddiq’s baby. Not slut-shaming (because we love Rosita), but she’s really getting around.

TWD Recap: The Scar

As much as fans were wondering if Michonne has lost it (since she’s been talking to herself a lot since Rick’s been gone), the more important question on their minds has to do with that large X-shaped scar on her lower back. How did it happen? Who was crazy enough to do it? The Walking Dead fans need the backstory and ASAP. That is all.

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