‘Unpolished’: Meet the Women behind Salon Martone – New Series Debuts Sunday Night on TLC

Unpolished’ with Lexi Martone debuts Sunday, November 17th on TLC at 10 PM.  The show focuses on the colorful personalities of the women who own and run the trendy Long Island Salon Martone. Lexi and Bria Martone are talented sisters who own the salon. Mom Jennifer Martone is the manager. And Foxy Grandma, who more than lives up to her name does hair there. The family is super close and each one has a strong personality and talent all their own.

TLC’s Unpolished: Lexi Martone & Bria Martone – Lady Bosses With Big Talent

On Unpolished the Martone sisters (Bria and Lexi Martone) own the fabulous salon Martone. Bria’s nickname is “Bria the diva”. The talented stylist works wonders with color and cuts. No request is too crazy for the talented diva. Bria Martone gives viewers a glimpse of her room which she calls the diva boutique. Lexi Martone says that her sister was born covered in sparkles. Mom Jennifer says she prayed over her crib for her to be beautiful. And that it obviously worked.

Lexi Martone does nails at the salon. And not just manicures. Lexi turns nails into works of art. She can work with any theme and turn fingertips into fabulous show pieces. On Unpolished Lexi says that art helped her to overcome past struggles with weight and low self-esteem. After placing second in an up and coming nail artist competition, her confidence grew. Lexi lost the weight and turned her talent and passion for nail art into a successful business.

Jennifer Martone is The Mom of Salon Martone

On Unpolished, mother Jennifer Martone is the “mom of the whole salon” according to Lexi. Jennifer greets customers and goes out of her way to make everyone comfortable. She hands out tiara’s to kids and greets everyone with a hug and kiss on the cheek. Jennifer says the girls are young to own and run a salon. But she couldn’t be more proud of what they have accomplished. The atmosphere in the busy salon is high energy and fun.

Meet Foxy Grandma

Another talent on Unpolished is Foxy Grandma. She’s been doing hair for forty years. And is still going strong. Foxy Grandma says she can take people with no hair and give them big hair. All while wearing a sexy mini skirt and rocking high heels. Foxy treats clients with kindness and transforms their hair with the help of teasing and hairspray. Lexi gave her grandma the nickname. She says she is fearless and brutally honest

Unpolished certainly seems to offer up fun, fashion and flair. The show will focus on the women and the salon. But also gives a glimpse into the personal lives of the talented and super close Martone family. Don’t forget to check out the series debut November 17th (Sunday) on the TLC network.

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