‘Unpolished’: How Much Does Lexi Charge for Nails at Salon Martone?

Unpolished fans can’t help but wonder what it costs to have their nails done by Lexi Martone or their hair coiffed by her equally talented sister Bria Martone. The sisters have both been in high demand for a while and even more since their television debut last month.

Unpolished viewers, especially those on the east coast want to get their nails done by Lexi and their hair cut and colored by Bria. Even their grandmother Foxy is in high demand. This family-run salon in suburban Long Island New York was already popular and now with the extra bump of notoriety from their stint on TLC, it’ even harder to get an appointment with these ladies.

TLC’s Unpolished: Lexi Martone & Bria Martone In High Demand

Unpolished‘s Salon Martone in East Northport, Long Island is priced on par with other high-end salon’s in the area. But, a visit to see Lexi or her sister Bria will set you back a pretty penny. But you are paying for quality, and most customers think it’s worth it.

The salon’s manned by the Lexi’s mom Jennifer Martone at the front desk. The salon featured on Unpolished is only open five days a week (closed Sundays and Mondays).

Bria and Lexi Martone are booked a few months out for services. In fact, Lexi Martone’s booked solid through February at this point. She only sees three or four clients a day. So of course, space is limited. Bria, on the other hand, sees on average ten clients a day for hair and makeup.

Lexi and Bria Martone opened Salon Martone in 2016. It not your run of the mill salon. It has an over the top glam rocker vibe. The Martone sisters are in their early 20s. It’s truly inspiring to see such young successful and driven entrepreneurs.

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It’s Not Cheap To Get Done Up At Salon Martone

Services by Lexi and sis Bria at the salon made famous by Unpolished come with a hefty price tag. Lexi’s services require a $100 no refundable deposit (of course applied to services). She charges $115+ for a gel manicure and $175+ for an acrylic full set. Lexi’s fill-ins will set you back upwards of $150. Lexi determines her prices by skill level and time required to design her 3D nails. Plus, she factors the cost of the materials, embellishments, crystals, and charms into her final price.

Unpolished’s Bria Martone’s services are pricey but not too much over the average for her area. She charges  $200+ for a full foil highlight and $150+ for a makeup application. However, the real bargain at the salon is a haircut from Foxy Grandma. A wash, cut and style from the veteran stylist will only set you back a very affordable $40. So day of nails and hair by the sisters Martone can easily run over $500 combined.

Unpolished: Will There Be A Season 2 for Bria & Lexi Martone?

Unpolished is near the end of its 6 episode first season. Fans have enjoyed watching the over the top antics of this Italian family from New York. And of course, TLC fans are mesmerized by Lexi Martone’s nail artistry. So, of course, the question circulating now is if TLC plans to pick up Unpolished for a second season. Hopefully, a second season renewal is announced soon. Until then we still have a few episodes this season to enjoy.

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