‘Unpolished’: Bria and Matt’s Plans For The Future – More Kids?

Unpolished stars Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso have certainly had their fair share of relationship ups and downs over the decade they’ve been a couple. The duo got engaged back in August of 2018 while TLC’s cameras rolled. Now they’re in the process of planning to tie the knot this September as long as the COVID-19 restrictions allow for the gathering.

Bria has had a rough year for the Unpolished family. Earlier this spring her father, “Big Mike” Martone,  passed away. However, thanks to her fiance Matt and his two sons, Bria is excited about her future. Will the couple look to expand their family after they wed? Here’s what we know so far.

TLC’s Unpolished: Bria Martone & Matt Mancuso Going Strong

Unpolished TLC celeb Bria Martone and her soon-to-be husband  Matt Mancuso are still going strong since their engagement almost two years ago. In fact, Matt and his twin sons live with Bria and her mother Jennifer Martone. The couple is still very much in love and excited to make their union legal later this fall. They spend lots of time alone together and are able to sneak off for getaways often. However, Bria most enjoys spending time with all three of her men as a family.

As of now, their wedding is all systems go for September. Certainly, that could change depending on the restrictions surrounding large gatherings due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Hopefully, the Unpolished stars can still have their special day on a smaller scale. Sadly the day will be bittersweet for Bria Martone since her father won’t be there to walk her down the aisle.

Unpolished: Matt Mancuso - Bria Martone

TLC Star Loves Stepmom Life

Unpolished alum Bria Martone enjoys her role as a stepmom. There’s nothing more important than family. Bria credits Matt with changing her life for the better. She glad to have him by her side as a life partner. Although she may not have birthed his two sons, she is in all intents and purposes their mom. There’s nothing more she enjoys than seeing all three of her boys together. In fact, Bria says her favorite sound  ” is when all 3 of you are running around screaming and laughing! Many people would call it chaos but to me, it’s the best thing I can ever hear is your laughter!”

It’s obvious that Unpolished’s Bria Martone loves her stepsons. Her social media is filled with tons of pictures of her with Matt and the kids. After losing her dad, Bria certainly has an even stronger belief in family. She knows how important it is to spend time with those you love and build memories together.

Unpolished: Matt Mancuso - Bria Martone

Unpolished: Will Matt & Bria Add To Their Family?

Many Unpolished fans wonder when Matt Mancuso weds Bria Martone if they’ll be ready to add more children to their family. The answer is a resounding yes. Bria let the cat out of the bag on that with her Mother’s Day post to her mother. While Bria was praising her mother for being a role model she also said this, ” I hope that I can be a quarter of a mother you are to those boys and our future kids”.

Since Bria is already an amazing mother to her step-kids, no doubt she will be just as terrific with as many children she and Matt will add to their family over the years to come. This year certainly didn’t go as planned for the Unpolished personality but better days are certainly in her future as Mrs. Matt Mancuso.

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