‘Unpolished’: Bria Martone Embraces Matt’s Kids – Was He Cheating When He Had Them?

Unpolished colorist and hair star Bria Martone (Lexi Martone’s sister) shared details about Matt Mancuso‘s two sons. And how she reacted to the news Matt got someone else pregnant. His having kids with another woman is yet another reason Bria’s sister Lexi Martone seems anti-Matt. But, it looks like Bria’s embracing his twin boys and happily playing mom to them. Take a look.

TLC’s Unpolished: Was Matt Mancuso Cheating on Bria Martone When He Got Someone Pregnant?

On Unpolished, we see that Lexi Martone says Bria Martone likes the bad boys. Clearly, nail savant Lexi is no fan of Matt Mancuso’s. She said he’s in trouble and always cheating on Bria. So, was that what happened when Matt got another woman pregnant? According to Bria Martone herself, the answer is no.

In a recent Unpolished promo, Bria says she and Matt split up two years ago and he impregnated the woman he dated after the split. Also, she said she and Matt Mancuso weren’t even talking when she found out about the pregnancy with his then-girlfriend Jade Falzon.

Also, Bria Martone admits it was “tough” when she first found out, but it didn’t affect her until she and Matt got back together. Then she said “it was hard” and “took a little time”. Now, Matt’s twins turned one in April and seem to spend tons of time with Bria, the Unpolished diva.

Unpolished: Bria Martone - Jade Falzon - Ronin Mancuso - Logan Mancuso

Unpolished Spoilers: Bria and Matt’s Long History

The backstory on Bria Martone and Brian Mancuso is they’ve been dating off and on eight years. But since she’s 22 and he’s 27, do the math and that sounds like she was 14 and he was 19 when they met. Hmm…. Clearly, there’s a long history there and she was awfully young when they met.

Plus,  that first love vibe, no doubt, creates a soft spot for the guy. Big sister Lexi doesn’t like it, though, as seen on Unpolished. However, Bria also made clear that she and Matt didn’t date that whole time. However, viewers saw on Unpolished episode 1 that Matt Mancuso popped the question and Bria Martone said yes – despite her big sister’s disapproval.

Now, the pair are engaged and planning their wedding. Although, there’s no wedding for them on this season of Unpolished. But if the show does well and gets picked up, who knows? Clearly, Matt’s not going anywhere and he and Bria seem like a happy family unit with his sons.

Happily Mothering His Sons

In the recent promo for Unpolished,  Bria Martone said, “as soon as I met them [Matt’s twin sons], I had an instant connection”. And Matt Mancuso said Bria’s “the most amazing mother to his children” and treats them like they’re her own. You can see from the pics above they look happy.

On the upcoming Unpolished, viewers will meet Matt’s twin boys as he brings them to the salon. And with Bria Martone planning to marry Matt Mancuso next year, he looks to be an inevitable part of Lexi’s life. However, she doesn’t seem pleased to see her sister’s fiance drop by with his kids.

For now, though, Matt and Bria seem happy raising his kids together and making plans for their future. We’ll see more of them and those adorable twin boys, Ronin Mancuso and Logan Mancuso on the TLC show this season.

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