‘Unpolished’: Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso – Are They Still Together?

Unpolished cast members Bria Martone and fiance Matt Mancuso have been off and on for close to a decade. Like many couples, they have had their fair share of relationship ups and downs. In fact, while the couple was on one of their breaks, Matt becomes a father to twin boys. But Bria has accepted his kids as if they were her own. It’s her sister and Salon Martone co-owner, Lexi Martone that has major issues with Matt becoming Bria’s husband.

The finale of Season 1 of Unpolished airs tonight and will show a huge blow-up between Bria’s sister and fiance. Since the series was filmed 2018, fans want to know if Bria Martone is still with Matt Mancuso. Are they still a couple as of today, and if so, when will they wed?

Unpolished: Matt Mancuso Proposed To Bria Martone With The Cameras Rolling

Unpolished’s Bria Martone has been with her now fiance since she was just 14 and he was 19. Bria clearly was drawn to the older bad by type from a young age. Over their tumultuous relationship it’s alleged he repeatedly cheated on her. So that causes Bria’s big sister to turn against Matt on Unpolished. Lexi cannot support their relationship, after all, he’s done to her little sister and family. But that really isn’t Lexi’s decision to make.

Even after a two-year break in which Matt got his then-girlfriend Jade Falzon pregnant with his twin boys, Bria and Matt’s love was strong enough to reunite them

So with TLC’s camera rolling last summer while filming Bria’s reality series Unpolished, Matt asked Bria to marry him. Of course, she said yes when Matt gt down on one knee to put a ring on it. The couple became engaged in August 2018 and Bria shared the sweet picture of the proposal on her Instagram exactly on the one year anniversary of the milestone.

TLC’s Unpolished: Bria Martone & Matt Mancuso – Are They Still Together?

Unpolished hair savant Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso are still together and very much in love. In fact, as you can see from the picture below, the couple is taking a pre-Christmas getaway vacation in Florida. They sure do look happy. Also as you glance through both their Instagram pages, you can see many pictures of the couple out and about enjoying life. There are photos of them alone as well with Matt’s twin sons. Certainly, they appear to be blending well as a soon to be family of four.

So, of course, the burning question of fans of Unpolished is when Bria and Matt will become Mr. and Mrs. Mancuso. Well, mark your calendars, the pair will wed September of 2020. Further details for their big day are still unknown.

Will There Be a Season 2 of the TLC Show?

This first season of Unpolished was a limited run of only six episodes. Fans feel in love with the over the top antics of the Martone family and mesmerized by Lexi’s nail artistry and Bria’s glamorous hair and makeup handiwork. So hopefully TLC renews their series for a second season with more than six episodes so we can continue to see more of these sisters and their family. Plus, if there’s a season two, likely we’ll see the wedding of Bria Martone to Matt Mancuso.

The Season finale for Unpolished is Sunday, December 15th at 10 pm.

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