‘Unpolished’: Bria Martone Wants Over The Top Wedding In Wake of Big Mike’s Death

Unpolished is back for a new season and finds Bria Martone pushing forward with her plans for an extravagant wedding after her dad’s death. The Martone family tries to cope with new challenges presented after dad “Big Mike” Martone passed away from cancer. Sisters Bria and Lexi Martone as well as mom Jennifer Martone face new financial struggles and uncertainties in the season 2 premiere episode A New Beginning.

The Martone Family Struggles To Make A New Start on Unpolished

Unpolished follows the Martone family. In season 1 the show focused on the Martone sisters, Lexi and Bria. The girls along with their family own and operate a high end salon in Long Island, New York named Salon Martone.

Lexi Martone is famous for her extravagant nail art. Her creations often feature 3-D designs, crystal embellishments and even lights and moving parts. Bria Martone does hair at Salon Martone along with their grandmother Eleanor Varozzi aka Foxy.

Big Mike Martone Passes

Sadly Big Mike Martone passed away in May 2020. Of course, it was heartbreaking because he became ill with cancer in the middle of the pandemic. Mike suffered and didn’t see his daughters much because of all the restrictions of quarantine. Jennifer Martone regrets this. But thought she was doing the right thing. Now, things are slowly getting back to normal and the family wants to reopen Salon Martone.

Another important matter on Unpolished is Bria Martone’s wedding to fiance Matt Mancuso. Bria was engaged by the end of season 1. So, there was plenty of tension in the family. Lexi doesn’t care for Matt and doesn’t think he is right for her sister. Even going as far as to call him out in front of family for talking inappropriately about their mother. But Bria and her dad were planning both a lavish shower and wedding up until he passed away.

Lexi Martone Asks Bria To Postpone Her Big Day

On Unpolished, the family works hard to put safety measures in place at Salon Martone so they can reopen after the business shutdowns due to the pandemic. Jennifer Martone is feeling overwhelmed by the financial pressures she is dealing with after Big Mike’s death. She discovered heaps of bills and financial information she didn’t know existed. She is concerned how she can  keep the business afloat and pay bills now that Mike is gone.

Lexi Martone suggests that Bria postpone her wedding to give the struggling family more time to get the business up and running. Bria Martone says that her dad would’ve wanted her to continue on with the lavish plans for a shower and wedding. Lexi thinks it’s a waste of money for a “5-hour party”. Bria lashes back at her sister that her wedding is not a party but rather the biggest day of her life.

On the upcoming season of Unpolished it seems Bria got exactly what she asked for with her very expensive shower and wedding. Bria and Matt tied the knot in high fashion on August 23, 2020. And Bria has changed her Instagram handle to “Mrs. Mancuso”. Things are definitely moving forward with the Martone family as they cope and rebuild after the sad loss of patriarch “Big Mike” Martone.

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