‘Unpolished’: Lexi Martone Reveals Biggest Fear and More Ahead Of Season Premiere

Unpolished star Lexi Martone revealed facts about herself ahead of the season premiere of her new TLC show. Unpolished follows Lexi and her outrageous Italian family as they run their salon together. Lexi co-owns a salon called Salon Martone with her sister. But, her family works for her. Now the Martone’s are welcoming TLC Unpolished viewers into their salon and personal life. Giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at life as a Martone. The good times, the bad times and all the drama. 

Unpolished premieres at 10 pm on November 17 only on TLC.

TLC’s Unpolished: Lexi Martone Introduces Family Business

Lexi Martone is a natural-born artist. She has been doing nail art for around seven years. She enjoys creating unique pieces on small canvases. So, being a nail artist is right up her alley. Lexi and her sister Bria Martone took their home business and opened up a full-service beauty salon. Salon Martone is a family-ran business. But on Unpolished, working with relatives may not be as easy as people think.

The Unpolished reality star hopeful introduced her family in a sneak peek of the upcoming show. Lexi’s mom, Jennifer Martone runs the front desk. Though, that is only when she’s not either getting her nails or hair done. Her sister, Bria does the hair and makeup. As for Foxy Grandma, as they like to call her, she “loves to do seniors’ hair.” Foxy has been doing hair for a very long time. So, owning a salon is clearly in their blood.

Unpolished Star, The Talented Lexi Martone Shares Facts About Herself

TLC’s newest celeb, Lexi Martone gets introduced through a video she posted on her social media account. The video revealed facts about herself. For example, Lexi has a very unusual biggest fear. She is afraid of fish. Safe to say that a fish is not her spirit animal. According to her family, she is also afraid of sponges, spiders and bridges.

The Unpolished TLC star also has a huge obsession with witches. In the introduction video, Lexi said that getting “my witch powers” is at the top of her bucket list. So, it is no surprise to find out that her favorite female celebrity is none other than Wednesday Adams. She also celebrates her made-up holiday “Witchmass”. A holiday that runs from September to December. In other words, she likes all things creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky.

Follow Her Family On TLC’s latest Reality Show

The Unpolished nail artist took to Instagram to share the exciting news. Lexi posted the trailer of the show online. The caption read, “the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the reason we’ve been surrounded by cameras.” Surely, their clients were wondering why there were cameras in the salon. She added, “the Martone’s have arrived.” The season premiere of Unpolished premieres November 17 at 10 pm on TLC.

Lexi Martone and her family have been running Salon Martone for four years. Although, for the past year and a half they welcomed cameras to follow the madness of Salone Martone. Along with the lives of her crazy Italian family. Some people say that you should never mix family and business. Find out on Unpolished if the Martone’s can work together when the season premieres this November.

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