‘Unpolished’: Who Is “Big Mike” Martone? Bria and Lexi Martone’s Dad

TLC’s Unpolished fans want to know who is “Big Mike” Martone. While the show is all about the ladies who own and run posh Long Island Salon Martone, the father is starting to get attention. Sisters Lexi Martone and Bria Martone launched the salon 5 Years ago. Bria does hair and makeup, and Lexi does incredible nail art. Mom Jennifer Martone is the manager/momager, and Foxy Grandma rounds out the busy and talented crew. The man behind the scenes is Bria and Lexi Martone’s dad, “Big Mike”. But just who is “Big Mike” Martone?

TLC’s Unpolished: Who Is “Big Mike” Martone? The Man Behind The Madness

Unpolished chronicles Lexi Martone, her sister Bria and the crazy life of the Martone family. Most of the show focuses on the family business Salon Martone owned by Lexi and Bria Martone. Lexi’s amazing nail art certainly draws customers to the Long Island salon. And Bria keeps customers coming back with her mad stylist skills. While the ladies run the show at the salon and at home, Lexi and Bria’s dad “Big Mike” is the man behind all the madness at home.

Mike “Big Mike Martone is no stranger to running a successful business. The Unpolished patriarch has owned a Queens plumbing company since 1983. Lexi admits that comparing Big Mike to Tony Soprano is inevitable, Mike is completely legit. A public records search shows that he’s as law abiding as they come.

He made his entrance on the show in a tux, dressed for a wedding that was a week away.

The Martone Family Lives Large On and Off Camera

On the Unpolished premiere, Lexi says the family is over the top, and that “Extra” is their middle name. This description applies not only to the salon but to the multi-million dollar home the family lives in. The Martone home is large and lavish. The family enjoys Sunday dinners with Foxy Grandma’s meatballs in the spacious kitchen. Numerous throw pillows dot the ornate living room where the family does asides with producers.

Big Mike tools around town in a couple of Cadillac Escalades along with two Mercedes-Benz. He also co-owns Lexi’s condo where she lives with her boyfriend. Big Mike seems to own quite a bit of real estate including the building where his plumbing business is housed. Having a dad who’s an expert plumber certainly comes in handy when you own a salon. Big Mike comes to the rescue on Unpolished when sinks get clogged at Salon Martone.

Unpolished: Kudos To A Wonderful Father

Certainly living with these ladies is a roller coaster ride. But Big Mike seems to take it all in stride. He is there for the family and works hard to keep them happy. In a recent episode after Bria’s fiance Matt Mancuso relapsed, Big Mike was there for mom Jennifer.

The couple worries about daughter Bria but want her to be happy. Big Mike Martone says he thinks about it everyday. But in the end admits it’s just another crazy day in the Martone house. In the reality show world there are many parents taking advantage of their kid’s fame. It’s refreshing to see a stable father figure that is there for his children.

Unpolished airs Sunday nights at 10 PM on TLC.

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