‘Unpolished’: Jennifer Martone Consults a Psychic To Find Big Mike’s Cash Stash

On Unpolished, Jennifer Martone consults a psychic to help her find where Big Mike Martone stashed his cash so she can splurge on Bria’s wedding. Jennifer Martone is lost without her hubby who took care of everything and everybody.

With bills looming and a business to run, Jennifer needs some relief. The psychic offers some promise to the still grieving Martone family on season 2 episode 2 Where’s The Money.

TLC’s Unpolished: Jennifer Martone Wants Someone To Show Her The Money

On Unpolished, Jennifer Martone has a lot on her plate. She’s dealing with her husband “Big Mike” Martone’s passing and her daughters bickering. It seems daughter Bria Martone doesn’t want to postpone her lavish wedding to Matt Mancuso – or downsize it. Mom Jennifer isn’t sure where the family finances stand in the wake of Mike’s death. And daughter Lexi Martone thinks Bria is just being selfish.

Jennifer picks up her mom Eleanor Varozzi, aka Foxy, for some coffee and a trip through the car wash. Foxy is feeling cagey due to being unable to work at the salon during the quarantine. She begs Jennifer to at least let her come in the coffee shop with her mask. But Jennifer isn’t ready to take chances with her mom being exposed. So it’s coffee to go for the mother and daughter.

Customer Wants Foxy Back

Back at Salon Martone one of Foxy’s clients who is 99 years young wants her stylist back ASAP on Unpolished. The Martone sisters tag team for a client who is hosting a Mad Hatter themed birthday tea party for her daughter. She wants matching hair and nails for the party. Of course Lexi goes all out with the nails and wonders if Bria will pull her weight on the project. In the end the client is thrilled with both her hair and nails.

Jennifer Thinks Big Mike Martone Is Sending Signs On Unpolished

Since Mike’s passing there have been two floods in the Martone family home’s basement. Jennifer thinks these are signs from Big Mike. She doesn’t believe he was ready to go and therefore didn’t leave her enough information about their bank accounts. Jennifer calls a psychic to come to the house to see if she can channel Big Mike and his mystery money.

The psychic arrives and immediately feels his presence in the house.

On Unpolished, the psychic reassures Jennifer Martone that big Mike is looking out for her and will take care of things from the other side. She also brings a few things up that make everyone emotional. However, she assures Jennifer that the money is coming.

Later, Jennifer receives a letter about some bank accounts that need attention. On next week’s episode it will be revealed if this will lead Jennifer to some answers and some extra cash.

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