‘Unpolished’: Lexi Martone’s Dad Died – Big Mike Martone Passed Away

Unpolished star Mike Martone (father of Lexi Martone and Bria Martone) passed away last night. Lexi Martone’s father, affectionately known to all as “Big Mike” had a heart of gold according to all that knew him. Now his wife Jennifer Martone and his daughters plan to say their final goodbyes. His loss leaves a huge void in the lives of the women he loved so much.

TLC Unpolished: Big Mike Martone Passes

Unpolished patriarch Big Mike Martone’s daughter Bria Martone said he tried his best to hang on as long as he could. Certainly, he wanted to be a part of all the wonderful things yet to come for both his daughters. Mike viewed Bria’s fiance Matt Mancuso’s twin sons as if they were his own grandchildren. That’s one role he especially loved. Additionally, he looked forward to more grandchildren in the years to come. Bria and Lexi Martone recognize all that their father has done for them. They knew how much they were loved and know he will forever be their guardian angel.

Unpolished: Bria Martone

Mike Martone’s Daughter’s Fall Wedding Will Be Bittersweet

Unpolished alum Bria Martone and long time fiance Matt Mancuso plan to get married this September. Now with the untimely passing of her dad, that wedding will not be as joyous as the family had planned. Certainly, it’s most’s girls’ dream to have their father walk them down the aisle on their wedding day — and Bria Martone was no different. She says, “There’s nothing I wanted more than for you to be by my side on my wedding day to walk me down the aisle and give me away!

Unpolished’s  Mike Martone is the first man both his daughters loved. He set a high bar for their future boyfriends and life partners. Now he will be their forever protector from heaven.

Unpolished: Bria Martone

Unpolished: Final Arrangements For Beloved Husband and Father

Unpolished fans are offering Lexi Martone and all the Martone family their support and condolences during this sad time. As of now, no plans for Mike’s funeral or memorial have been released. In this unique time of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s much uncertainty surrounding how a family can lay a loved one to rest.

Please join us at Soap Dirt in offering condolences to Mike Martone’s widow Jennifer Martone and their daughters Lexi and Bria as they grieve their loss. Reality television has lost one of the few people in the industry that can be described as a “good man”.

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