‘Unpolished’: Lexi Martone Overcomes Self-Esteem Struggles with Art

Unpolished, takes a look at the life of Lexi Martone and the Martone family of Long Island. Lexi is a nail artist who owns Salon Martone with her sister Bria Martone. Mom Jennifer Martone manages the salon. Grandma “Foxy” also works at the salon. Lexi describes the family as over the top. Lexi specializes in amazing nail art, and Bria works magic with hair and make up. In the sneak peek, Lexi opened up about her mad skills as a nail artist and her struggles in the past. Unpolished will air Sunday nights at 10 PM on TLC starting November 17th.

TLC’s Unpolished: The Martone Family – Our Middle Name is Extra

On Unpolished, TLC viewers viewers will see Lexi and the Martone women run a unique salon in Long Island. Nothing is too much to ask of Lexi Martone, whose nail art is one of a kind. Lexi says she wouldn’t trade her family for the world. Well, of course most of the time. Bria, Lexi’s sister, is an expert in hair color. Bria will take on any request the client has and offer a beautiful result whether it’s pink, purple, blue or any combination. Grandma, who certainly lives up to her nickname “Foxy”, has been doing hair for 40 years.

Lexi literally makes nails into a work of art. And again, nothing is too much. She says Long Island women are hard to please. But Salon Martone delivers to even the toughest clients. On Unpolished, a young woman arrives wanting “Frozen” themed nails. While Lexi’s not the princess type, she works her magic. She transforms the nails into a winter wonderland complete with glitter hombre and a 3-D snowflake. The client is thrilled with the result.

On an upcoming Unpolished episode, Another client is about to go into labor any day. She wants a picture of her sonogram on one of her nails. So, the talented Lexi recreates a perfect picture on a black nail with a tiny brush and white polish. The rest of the nails include hints of pink and blue since the gender will be a surprise at birth. The client is overjoyed and emotional when she sees the beautiful and personalized nail art.

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Lexi Martone Opens Up About Past Self-Esteem Struggles

Lexi Martone is successful and talented beyond belief on Unpolished. Her one of a kind nail art sets her apart. She admits to drawing the minute she picked up a pencil. But things weren’t always easy for the Long Island artist. Lexi was overweight from a young age. She used to hide from friends as a teenager so she wouldn’t have to go out. She also hated the way she looked in pictures. Lexi’s love of art kept her going through hard times.

She entered a next top nail artist contest and placed in the top 2. Lexi was suddenly in the spotlight and people wanted to meet her. She was still suffering from low self-esteem. So, she decided to make a change. Lexi lost over one hundred pounds. And felt like a totally different person. The new-found confidence led her to become the confident person she is today. The show Unpolished will continue to highlight her talent and success. Catch the show beginning Sunday, November 17th on TLC.

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