‘Unpolished’: Lexi Martone Will Do Your Nails For Free – Casting Call For New Season

Unpolished star Lexi Martone and her talented sister Bria Martone are both back to work at their family-owned and operated Salon Martone. The sisters and their beloved granny Foxy Grandma back in the salon cutting hair and doing nail art. However, they are also are filming the second season of their TLC show. So now the ladies of Salon Martone need the public’s help. It’s a rare opportunity for a few lucky ladies to have their hair cut and styled by Bria and or their nails done by Lexi. Here’s how you might score a free day of beauty with one of the stars of Unpolished.

TLC’s Unpolished: Bria Martone, Lexi Martone & Foxy Grandma All Back To Work

Unpolished celebrities Bria and Lexi Martone, Foxy Grandma and mom Jennifer Martone are all finally back in business and open to the public. Their Long Island NY salon was forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine back in March. Three weeks ago the salon was able to open for hair services only. However last week the salon was cleared to start booking clients for nail services with Lexi. So now all the Martone ladies are back in full swing.

Not only are the Unpolished alums back to doing what they love, but they’ve also started to film for their second season. Production started the first day the salon reopened. So it’s been a whirlwind of activity at Salon Martone. Season 1 was only a limited run of six episodes. Fans are hoping the next season will have double the amount of episodes.

Unpolished: Lexi Martone

TLC Stars Filming Season 2 But Need Camera Ready Clients

Unpolished personalities Lexi and Bria Martone need a few new clients to be filmed for their reality show. So this is a rare and unique opportunity to get your nails or hair done by one of the Martone sisters or Foxy Grandma. Keep in mind that Lexi’s nail creations are not cheap. In fact, they cost upward of $300. Lexi’s services can quickly tally close to or over the $300 mark especially if you’re getting a cut and color or extensions.

Unpolished is looking for people of all ages to apply to be on the show. Applicants must send in their contact information, a recent photo, and what services they want. Additionally, they’re to reference which lady’s services they are requesting in the subject line of the email. Whoever is selected could appear on Unpolished with their hair or nails done by one of the talented members of the Martone family.

Unpolished: Lexi Martone

Unpolished: Safety First At Salon Martone

Salon Martone reopened with strict new guidelines in place. It’s all about keeping everyone safe. So staff and clients are required to wear masks. Also, patrons must wait outside until they are called in for their appointment. Customers are to bring in as little as possible.

Sadly at this time, the staff of Salon Martone asks clients to refrain from touching them or hugging them. As much as they love their clients and fans, right now their priority is making sure everyone stays safe in this post-COVID-19 world.

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