‘Unexpected’: Myrka Cantu Shields Daughter – Slaps at Fans

Unexpected‘s Myrka Cantu got a lot of grief from fans recently when they talked bad about her parenting. The TLC star said that everyone is different, and they shouldn’t judge her for the way she takes care of her daughter.

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu Defends Parenting

Myrka from Unexpected said that people are tearing into her because she won’t post photos of her daughter. She said it’s bad enough that some people already know her name. She said she has a fear of what might happen if people see her.

Unexpected mom Myrka Cantu said that she could parent the way that is best for her. And that just because other parents show pictures of their kids, she doesn’t have to. Myrka said she doesn’t judge them, and she may be overprotective.

It seems like her boyfriend, Ethan Ybarra, is on board with keeping their daughter under wraps. He sometimes posts photos of her back, but that’s all people see of the 7-month-old. And it doesn’t seem like Myrka wants that to change anytime soon.

Unexpected: Myrka - Ethan Ybarra

Myrka ‘Wouldn’t Recommend’ Being on the Show

Unexpected mom Myrka Cantu said that being on the show is hard. In fact, she said that she wouldn’t recommend it to other people considering it. Viewers said they feel bad for their family and doubt she’ll come back another season.

Many of the new moms from Unexpected opt out of coming back a second season. Most of them don’t say too much about why they don’t come back. And many think it is because they have nondisclosure agreements that don’t let them share their full feelings.

Unexpected fans said they weren’t sure they could make it on the show. As a matter of fact, many viewers said they couldn’t imagine people watching them become teen parents. Some of the cast said they just did it because of the money and not because of the experience.

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu

Unexpected: Dishing on Family

During Unexpected, everyone thought that Myrka Cantu’s mom was the villain. And Ethan’s parents were the ones that took them in, so they were the heroes. But it turns out that his parents kicked them and the baby out of the house.

Viewers from Unexpected said they couldn’t believe it. And if that wasn’t enough, his parents separated, and Myrka and Ethan Ybarra aren’t even on talking terms with them. On the other hand, Myrka Cantu said she and her mom are on good terms.

Despite Myrka’s mother saying she didn’t want her to continue with the pregnancy, she is happy about the baby. In fact, it seems like she is in full-on grandmother mode with the baby. Viewers are glad they are doing well and hope they can smooth things over with the in-laws too.

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