‘Unexpected’: Myrka Cantu Done – Calls Ethan Ybarra Big Baby

Unexpected‘s Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra are so in love, but it seems like there are some things they can’t deal with right now. And Ethan even admits that he needs to grow up for Myrka and the baby.

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu & Ethan Ybarra Not Ready

Ethan Ybarra’s mother, Michelle Ybarra, said that Ethan and Myrka Cantu aren’t ready. And she specifically pointed out that Ethan needed to be more serious. Myrka said her body hurts and she is “so done” with pregnancy.

At that point in Unexpected, she was about to go into labor. Myrka Cantu said that everything hurts from wearing anything tight to moving her body. She decided to try pregnancy yoga but said she couldn’t move her body that way.

Ethan Ybarra from Unexpected laughed as she tried to do yoga. But fans thought it was a sweet laugh and not trying to be mean. Despite this, his mother said he needed to pay attention and get ready for the baby’s arrival.

Unexpected: Ethan Ybarra - Myrka Cantu

Myrka Doesn’t Want to Take Care of Ethan

Unexpected mom Myrka Cantu explained she didn’t want two babies to take care of now. She said Ethan Ybarra acts like a “big baby,” and he didn’t disagree. In fact, he said that he should step up and grow up.

Ethan Ybarra, Unexpected teen, seemed like he had some worries about becoming a parent. But in real-time, he seems like he is doing great with their baby. Their daughter is now 7 months old, and they no longer live with Ethan’s parents.

Myrka Cantu then said that Michelle Ybarra kicked them out. And Unexpected grandparents Charlie Ybarra and Michelle split. Fans said they felt so terrible that their relationship was on the rocks after seeing them act so loving on the show. But Myrka mentioned that Michelle put up a big front when she was on television.

Unexpected: Ethan Ybarra - Myrka Cantu

Life After ‘Unexpected’

Myrka said she doesn’t recommend going on TLC’s Unexpected. Instead, she said it was a very difficult situation for her and her family. And that she didn’t think it was worth all of it.

Ethan from Unexpected didn’t share his feelings about being on a reality show. But he did mention that they get money from the show, and that’s part of how they support themselves. Even though they aren’t living where they were, the young couple seems to be doing good for themselves.

Myrka Cantu confirmed she is happy, but she doesn’t need to show off her daughter. Recently, she got upset with fans that kept pressuring her about it. And she said that she would parent her daughter the way that she wanted to parent her, so they should be quiet about it.

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