‘Unexpected’: Myrka Cantu Looks Totally Different Now

Unexpected‘s Myrka Cantu looked like she was always well-kept on the show but recent New Years’ photos of the TLC star show that she looks very different in real-time.

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu Looks Different after Baby

Myrka Cantu of Unexpected looks different than she did on the show. Some fans think it was because they used a lot of makeup on the show. But viewers also noticed that her hair is much shorter than it was during the show.

Unexpected fans think Myrka Cantu may also carry around some extra baby weight. She just had her daughter sometime before August 6th, so that’s not a lot of time to shed the pounds. Whatever the case, they noticed that she does look very happy.

Unexpected mom Myrka isn’t the only one that looks different. Viewers say that her baby’s father also looks a little different. And agreed that he might have put on a few pounds since the taping.

Unexpected: Myrka - Ethan Ybarra

Myrka’s Mom Kicked Her Out

Unexpected fans feel very sad for Myrka Cantu because her mom kicked her out. But her mother said that she didn’t tell her daughter to leave. Instead, she said that her daughter kicked herself out. She went on to say that Myrka should be able to take care of herself if she’s able to do what she did with Ethan.

Whatever the case, she feels very bad about it and wishes her mom would embrace the baby. Despite Myrka Cantu’s wishes, her mom said that she would never be happy about the baby. And she went so far as to say that the baby would ruin her daughter’s life.

Unexpected viewers said that Myrka Cantu dealt with her mom’s disapproval well. And they praised Ethan’s family for taking Myrka in during this difficult time. Ethan Ybarra said that he is a very lucky guy. And he agreed that his parents were very good to him and his baby’s mother, Myrka.

Unexpected: Myrka - Ethan Ybarra

Unexpected: Thankful for a Supportive Group of Friends

Myrka Cantu and Ethan have the same group of friends. And they both agree that their friends are very supportive of them and the new baby. In fact, their friends said that they have their back and are excited to meet the new little one.

One of the friends on Unexpected joked that Myrka Cantu was having twins. Myrka said no way and if she was having twins that her friend had to take one. She said that she knew she only had one baby, but it was a funny joke.

Unexpected fans said it is nice to see a couple that has such good friends around them. And they look forward to seeing how things play out on the show.

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