‘Unexpected’: Myrka Cantu Says Her Relationship with Ethan Ybarra Is Complicated – Post Baby Problems

Unexpected‘s Myrka Cantu said that her relationship with Ethan Ybarra isn’t as easy as it looks on TLC. In fact, she said that it’s kind of complicated after having a baby.

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu & Ethan Ybarra Making It Work

Myrka Cantu of Unexpected said that things could be complicated in her relationship with Ethan Ybarra. Having a baby changed everything and added something new to deal with. But that doesn’t mean they are about to split up.

Unexpected dad Ethan loves being a father, and he did admit he needs to grow up. Having a child likely interrupts their alone time, and fans think that might be the complicated part Myrka is talking about. Along those lines, viewers asked if Myrka Cantu if she was pregnant again.

Myrka of Unexpected confirmed that she and Ethan were not having another baby. In fact, she said, “God, no,” and it doesn’t seem like she has any plans for the near future about having kids. There are some other things that are going better in their lives, though.

Unexpected: Ethan Ybarra - Myrka Cantu

Myrka and Her Mom On Good Terms

Unexpected mother Myrka said that her mom loves her daughter so much. She went on to say that they Facetime every day and that Liliana Cantu spoils her granddaughter. Fans are glad that Myrka Cantu and her mother worked things out.

Myrka said that Unexpected wanted to make her mom the villain. And that her mom wasn’t as bad as it looked like. Despite this, they aren’t living at her mom’s place even though Ethan Ybarra’s parents kicked them out after the baby being born.

Fans of Unexpected asked how they could afford to live on their own. And Myrka Cantu said that they couldn’t afford to pay for themselves. They live with someone else, but they didn’t say who is letting them live with them.

Unexpected: Ethan Ybarra - Myrka Cantu

Unexpected: Being the Best Teen Parents Possible

Ethan and Myrka are trying to do their best with their daughter. And right now, that means that they don’t want to show their daughter’s face. Unexpected celebrity Myrka Cantu said she is getting more comfortable, but she still isn’t there yet.

Myrka said fans of Unexpected kept asking her when she would show her daughter. And she said she would do it in her own time and that her daughter’s safety was her prime concern. She said the other moms on the show could do what they want to do.

Unexpected fans kept bugging Myrka about it, but she and Ethan Ybarra aren’t budging until they are ready. Viewers said they would wait as patiently as possible. And they wished Ethan Ybarra the best for their little family.

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