‘Unexpected’: Myrka Cantu Confirms She was Kicked Out & Boyfriend Talk

Unexpected‘s Myrka Cantu confirmed that she got kicked out of Ethan Ybarra‘s house. And she said that Ethan’s mom wasn’t as great as she acted like she was on the TLC show.

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu & Family Kicked Out

Myrka Cantu of Unexpected said that Michelle Ybarra wasn’t as great as she acted like she was on the show. And now Myrka said that she, Ethan, and their baby are no longer living there. Viewers feel bad for the young family but say they look very happy.

Unexpected mom Myrka said that they wanted her mom Lilianna Cantu to play the bad guy. But now, it seems like Myrka Cantu and her mother have a much better relationship. In fact, she looks like she is happy to be a grandmother now.

Fans of Unexpected say it is strange that Michelle would do this. Especially after she said that she didn’t know how anyone could kick their child out. Fans couldn’t believe it was true, but both Myrka Cantu and Ethan confirmed it.

Unexpected: Myrka - Ethan Ybarra

Myrka Making the Best of Things

Unexpected star Myrka Cantu said that people are praising a woman that has a front up on the show. And viewers shared how upset they were to see that Michelle Ybarra wasn’t being real. Some people even said that they couldn’t believe she tricked them so well.

When Myrka’s mother kicked her out, Michelle said it was a terrible thing to do. It also seemed like she was very happy with her husband. But she and her husband aren’t together anymore.

Reports that Michelle Ybarra had a new boyfriend were untrue. Myrka said that she does not have a new boyfriend despite what people said. And fans of Unexpected hope to get the whole story when the Tell-All episode comes up.

Unexpected: Myrka Cantu

Unexpected: Enjoying Life as a Parent

Myrka and Ethan both look like they are enjoying life as a parent and their daughter is so big. Fans of Unexpected were glad to see they had a girl, so they didn’t have to fight over the name.

Ethan Ybarra said that Myrka always wins in arguments. But they seem to have a pretty smooth relationship. She recently turned 17, and Ethan told her how beautiful she was and how happy he was.

Unexpected fans said they look like they still have a nice place to live. But they haven’t confirmed where they moved or what they are doing beyond Ethan working at HEB. Fans said they are glad that Myrka and her man Ethan are doing well even without his mom’s help.

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