‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Leaves AA Retreat – Sober and Happy With New Beginning

Unexpected star Max Schenzel is on the path of recovery. He recently provided an update on his sobriety on social media. He also revealed that he is happy with his life and for the second chance at life. As for his relationship with Chloe Mendoza and their daughter Ava, it seems like they are still one happy family. According to Max, he has his daughter and his lady in his life.

TLC’s Unexpected: Max Schenzel Back On Right Path

Max Schenzel took to Instagram to update fans on his sobriety. The Unexpected celeb posted a picture explaining that he was leaving an Alcoholics Anonymous Retreat. He also revealed that he has been sober for about a month. Max has changed his life and everyday routine. It looks like he has finally got his life back on the right track.

The Unexpected reality star admitted that what he was doing wasn’t right. However, by changing his life he has been able to better himself. Max Schenzel included in the caption that he  had forgotten how great his life was.


TLC Unexpected Alum Mends Broken Relationships

Max Schenzel said that his behavior damaged his relationships with family and friends. He wrote, “I watched myself make mistakes that lead to bigger mistakes as I slowly caused damage in every relationship I had.” So, by being sober he has been able to realize that what he was doing to himself was only causing more problems in his life. Rather than solve them.

The Unexpected TLC alum has been working on fixing those relationships. By bettering himself he can better the ties he ruined with those close to him. Max Schenzel said “I got my daughter in my life, my lady, my father.” He even has “one of my real few friends that I have left.” Max also has an experienced sponsor to help him stay on track. It looks like Max is also on good terms with Chloe Mendoza and his father.

Max Is Ready For A Fresh Start

Max Schenzel seems to be ready for a new start in life. Although, he admitted that he still has a long way. He expressed that he is “genuinely happy with life.” Which is always a good start. Surely, Chloe is excited for Max and his new outlook on life. Max will be able to have the chance to be a father to his daughter.

The Unexpected young father is aware that staying sober will take work. However, he knows he can overcome it. Max Schenzel wrote that “everyone has issues in life and everyone’s capable of overcoming them.” Max stated that “life is a process.” It is not always easy. He added that “God puts signs in it that you have to pay attention to.” It is great to see Max have such a positive perspective on life. Unfortunately, since Chloe might leave the show fans may not be able to watch Max turn his life around on TV. 

Unexpected airs every Sunday at 10 pm only on TLC.

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