‘Unexpected’ Spoilers: Chloe Mendoza Accidentally Reveals Plans to Move in with Boyfriend Max Schenzel

Unexpected spoilers reveal that Chloe Mendoza accidentally reveals to her family her plan to move in with her boyfriend Max Schenzel. Chloe and Max have a one-year-old daughter named Ava. Chloe wants Max to be a part of their daughter’s life. However, her mom Jessica Bowman has set limitations that prevent Max from seeing his daughter. A major limitation is that he is not allowed at her house. So, Max and Chloe want to move in together. Though, she decides to keep her family in the dark.

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Unexpected Spoilers: Chloe Mendoza Enters Adulthood

Unexpected spoilers indicate Chloe Mendoza finds herself in the middle when it comes to her boyfriend and her family. Max Schenzel isn’t allowed in her parent’s house. So, the only way he can see his daughter is if Chloe brings Ava to him. Which is hard on the couple. Ideally, she would like to move in with Max. So, they can live together and be a family.

Unexpected spoilers hint that Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel go apartment hunting together. Chloe states, “I’m so excited.” Getting her own apartment with Max makes her feel like she is “jumping into adulthoodness.” Although, her family isn’t aware that she plans on moving in with Max.

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Mendoza Family Not Aware Of Plan

Chloe Mendoza knows her family doesn’t like her boyfriend on Unexpected. Especially her mother, Jessica Bowman. Jessica has tried to break her daughter and Max Schenzel up. She has also made it clear that she doesn’t want Max anywhere near her. So, Chloe feels like she can’t tell her family that she wants to live with Max.

Unexpected spoilers report that Chloe Mendoza’s family is not aware that she is looking at places to live in with Max Schenzel. She knows that they would be against it. So, she decides to not tell them. On the other hand, she does “wish I could tell my family.” Knowing that her family would try to stop her, Chloe “kinda got to keep it on the down-low.” 

TLC Star’s Secret Revealed

Chloe Mendoza has been hiding her plans to move out with Max from her family. It is understandable that a mom would want their own space to raise their child. However, her family isn’t aware that Max is a part of those plans. Her family also doesn’t know that she has been looking at apartments with Max Schenzel. Surely, Jessica would not approve of this plan.

Unexpected spoilers show Chloe Mendoza being questioned by her family about moving out. During the conversation, a lady asks Chloe, “are you leaving?” In which Chloe responds with “yeah, well, we’re…” She stops herself before she reveals too much information. Yet, Jessica caught the “we” and says “we? Really?” She is not excited about her daughter wanting to move in with a boy she doesn’t like.

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