‘Unexpected’: Meet the Couples – Season 3 Premieres Sunday, August 4th on TLC

Unexpected returns to TLC Sunday, August 4th for a third season. The reality show explores the lives of teen parents. Returning cast members include McKayla Adkins and Chloe Mendoza. Season 3 will cover Adkin’s second pregnancy with returning cast member Caelan Morrison. Chloe’s baby daddy Max Schenzel will also return to the show. Three new couples also join the cast.

TLC’s Unexpected – McKayla Adkin & Caelan Morrison Return With Baby Number Two on The Way

McKayla Adkins is 18 and about to deliver her second baby with Caelan Morrison. The two are parents to 1 1/2 yr old Timothy. They recently moved into a house together. They had planned to get married but McKayla wasn’t sure it was the right time so they called it off. In the preview, McKayla gets a pedicure with Caelan’s mom Shelly. The two admit their bond has strengthened despite a rocky start.

On Unexpected Shelly asks McKayla how she’s doing living in the house. She says it gets lonely while Caelan is at work. McKayla had lived with her grandparents. Her grandparents are concerned about how Timmy will react to having a baby around since he’s still so young. In the trailer, McKayla tries to help him understand by feeding a baby doll and putting it to bed. The two are having a baby girl. They have chosen the name Maelan, but Caelan is having doubts about that name.

Chloe Mendoza & Max Schenzel Face His Legal Issues and More Family Drama

Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel also return to Unexpected season 3. The pair face extra challenges as well as being parents of 7 month old Ava. While Chloe describes Ava as the happiest baby, her parents aren’t so happy with Max the baby daddy. They don’t allow him in the house. And do not support the relationship. But they do say what she does on her own time with him is her business. Her mom Jessica and step-dad Nate think Chloe is doing a great job as a mom, in spite of their feelings toward Max.

Chloe says being a teen mom isn’t as hard as she thought. And she tries to keep the peace between her parents and Max. 19 year-old Max lives with his Dad Todd. His dad hopes he can turn things around. Max was arrested for allegedly stealing his friend’s grandma credit card during a night of partying. He faces jail time. Spoilers indicate Max is also dealing with addiction. Despite his legal issues, Max is more annoyed that Chloe’s family won’t accept him and move forward.

Tyra and Alex – New Couple on Unexpected

18-year-old Tyra is 36 weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend Alex is the father and he is also 18. The pair will have some help though with this parenting thing as Tyra’s younger sister Tiarra just gave birth to a baby at 16 with her 18 yr old boyfriend Dee. Their teenage cousin Taylor also has a baby. The girls hang out in Tyra’s room and talk about how fun it will be for their babies to grow up together as they did.

On Unexpected being a teen mother isn’t unusual for this family. Tyra’s mom and aunt were both teen moms. Her mom didn’t necessarily want that for her daughters, but it didn’t work out that way. Later the two sisters and their boyfriends go bowling and talk about how life changes after a baby. Tiarra makes a bet on the bowling game that whatever team wins has to buy the other diapers. Little sister wins the bet with a strike at the end.

Rilah and Anthony Join The Cast of Unexpected

Rilah is 17 and pregnant with her boyfriend Anthony’s baby. When we meet Rilah, she and her mom Rosa are in the process of moving to a new home with her 3 other siblings. Rosa, 39, says she was ready to move, even though it puts Rilah at an hour’s distance away from boyfriend Anthony. So Rilah isn’t so happy about this. She first fell for Anthony in middle school when he was an awkward new kid.

On Unexpected, Anthony is 18 and excited to be a father. He even shows up and builds the crib for the baby himself. Rilah has asthma and is coughing, which concerns mom Rosa. She is an Ob Gyn nurse and has seen the problems that asthma can cause during delivery. She encourages her to use her inhaler, but Rilah resists. Certainly moving so far away from each other will challenge the young couple.

Hailey Tomlinson & Matthew Blevins Get Ready to Have Their Baby

On Unexpected season 3, we meet Hailey Tomlinson and Matthew Blevins who are both 16 and expecting a daughter very soon. Matthew admits that it was Hailey who actually took his virginity. Even though he said he found her innocent. Matthew and Hailey were dating when he started having trouble at home with this dad. So Hailey’s mom Tanya suggested he move in with them. She let them sleep together and that’s how Hailey ended up pregnant.

Hailey Tomlinson defends herself by saying she was on birth control but started having issues with it. So Hailey changed prescriptions and in between is when she got pregnant. She and her mom shop for things for her upcoming shower. Hailey is in a mood and her mom calls her a “ball of hormones”. Hailey is upset because Matthew Blevins will be attending a “diaper night” with his friends while she is at her shower. She’d like the two events combined.

Matthew Blevins’ friends gather for pizza and some good-natured ribbing about him becoming a father. One of his friends already has twins. He offers to show Matthew how to put diapers on with the help of a stuffed elephant. Be sure to tune in Sunday nights at 10 on TLC for the all-new season of Unexpected.

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