‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison Moving In Together Again In New House

Unexpected couple McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison are moving back in together again. Not only is the couple giving their relationship another try, but they are also seeing if they can live together once again. McKayla shared the news in a video posted on social media. She stated that she was looking to move out. However, it wasn’t until her recent video that revealed she was moving in with Caelan. Will this time be different than the last?

Unexpected – McKayla Adkins Moves Out Of Grandparents’ House Again

McKayla Adkins moved back in with her grandparents when she previously ended her relationship with Caelan Morrison. Although, now they are back together. At the time, McKayla felt like she wasn’t getting the help she needed from Caelan Morrison. So, she went back to her grandparents who were always there to help. However, it looks like the Unexpected mother of two is moving out again.

The Unexpected young mom revealed earlier this month that she was ready to move out. In a Youtube video, she said that she will be moving out soon. Although, she didn’t say with who. She did mention that she thought she had found the right place. But, she didn’t want to rush anything. McKayla Adkins wanted to save more money and buy a couch before making the move. In another video, the Unexpected star shared that she and Caelan Morrison will be living together.


TLC’s Unexpected Update: Caelan Morrison and McKayla Adkins Move In Together

This isn’t the first time Caelan Morrison will be living with McKayla Adkins. The two had an apartment together before McKayla decided to move out. Now it seems like the Unexpected couple is going to be living in the same place once again. Hopefully, this time it will all work out. McKayla revealed online that they get the key to their new place next month.

As seen on this season of Unexpected, Caelan Morrison felt like McKayla Adkins was keeping Timmy and Gracelynn away from him. He and his mom even saw a lawyer to fight for visitation rights. But, now it seems like he doesn’t have to fight to see his children. Since the four of them will be living under the same roof. Caelan Morrison will now get the chance to be a father to his children.

TLC Couple Go Shopping For New House

McKayla Adkins broke the news that she has a new living arrangement with Caelan Morrison in a video of the two shopping for their new home. In the video, she stated that the couple is going to “look for some stuff to buy for our new place.” At the top of their things to buy is something to eat their meals on. She explained that “we got some folding tables because that’s how we eat dinner.” She added, “sitting at the couch.”

The Unexpected TLC reality couple didn’t leave with much to furnish their new home. McKayla Adkins must have already found that couch because she seemed more focused on buying fake plants than getting a couch. In the end, she and Caelan Morrison bought two tables, a walker for their daughter and a dry erase board.   

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