‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Creates Drama To Stay Relevant? Are Fans No Longer Interested?

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins seems to no longer be a fan favorite. After watching McKayla’s actions on the TLC show, fans are starting to believe that she is creating drama with baby-daddy Caelan Morrison just to stay on the show. Since being on the show revolves around drama. Fans don’t agree with her actions and are over her storyline.

The father of her children, Caelan Morrison has been a good dad. Yet, McKayla is still treating him poorly. Which Unexpected have taken notice to. Fans of the show started to stick up for Caelan online. Is McKayla starting drama to stay relevant on the show? Maybe her time on Unexpected is up.

TLC’s Unexpected Update: McKayla Adkins Craves Attention?

This season on TLC’s Unexpected, McKayla Adkins dealt with raising her son while being pregnant with her second child. Mckayla felt like she was raising Timothy alone. Since Caelan Morrison was always working. Caelan is only stepping up as a father and making money for his family. However, she moved out of their house and moved back into her grandparents’ house. 

As seen on Unexpected, young mother McKayla Adkins gave birth to her daughter. She was against letting Caelan’s mother see her granddaughter. Which made fans feel like she was starting unnecessary drama. One viewer believed that “she just craves the spotlight and will go to any lengths to start conflict so she can stay on the show.”

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Caelan Morrison Has Support From Fans

Caelan Morrison has done nothing, but what he can to support his children. As seen on the show, he made the effort to be by McKayla Adkins’s side while giving birth to their daughter. Even though it was very uncomfortable for him to be around only her family. To viewers, Caelan is being the best dad that he can.

Unexpected fans stuck up for Caelan Morrison after last week’s episode. They show their support for Caelan online. One fan commented online, “I feel so bad for the guy! I really am on his side.” Another fan agreed and wrote, “Caelan is such a good dad. I hope they go after shared legal physical custody.”

Unexpected Viewers Over TLC Couple’s Storyline

Fans of the TLC show are no longer interested in McKayla Adkins’s and Caelan Morrison’s storyline. One fan wrote, “I really think McKayla is making all of this drama to stay on tv because TLC wants drama.” The fan added, “McKayla is happy to give it to them regardless of how it’s affecting her children.” Whether it is true or not, fans no longer want her on the show.

While other Unexpected viewers expressed that the storyline for McKayla Adkins is no longer watchable. One viewer stated that they are “at the point where I don’t even want to watch McKayla’s scenes because of how childish she thinks.” Another viewer expressed that “McKayla likes to play “poor me”, but ultimately she is a horrible mother and TLC sucks for encouraging her.” If the viewers had a say McKayla Adkins would definitely not be on the next season.

Unexpected airs every Sunday at 10 pm only on TLC.

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