‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Has Baby Fever – Ready For Baby #3?

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins seemed to be suffering from baby fever. McKayla shared online that she has the desire to have another baby. McKayla already has a lot on her plate. She just got back with the father of her two children, Caelan Morrison.  The couple just moved into their new house together. Adding another child into the mix might not be the best decision at the moment. Could this just be a phase — or is McKayla Adkins hinting that she wants to have another baby?

TLC’s Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Back With Caelan Morrison

Earlier last month, McKayla Adkins confirmed that she and Caelan Morrison were back together. The two called it quits during the last season of Unexpected. However, once filming was done McKayla and Caelan decided to give their relationship another try. This meant that Caelan no longer had to fight for rights to see his children. The Unexpected couple even recently got a new place together.

The Unexpected cast member and Caelan Morrison have two children together. Their son Timmy is two years old. Caelan and McKayla also have a nine-month-old daughter, Gracelynn. With having two children two and under, McKayla must have her hands full. It can’t be easy taking care of two young children. But, it seems like McKayla may want another bundle of joy.


TLC Star McKayla Adkins Wants Another Baby

McKayla Adkins found herself having a hard time raising her son as a young mom. Thankfully she had help from her grandparents. Though, finding out that the Unexpected young mom was going to be a mother of two at a young age was not ideal. McKayla only gave birth to her daughter less than a year ago. But, it seems like she has no problem being a young mom of three.

The Unexpected TLC reality shared online that she has a fever. Seems like baby fever is in the air for McKayla. She shared a post about a mom expecting another child on her Instagram story. She wrote in the post “I now have baby fever.”  Could baby number three be in the making?

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Unexpected Fans React To Baby Comment

Fans made their opinions clear about the comment made by the Unexpected alum. One fan jokingly wrote, “take some Motrin for that fever.” While another fan pointed out that McKayla Adkins “cries she’s broke, but she already wants another kid.” It is no secret that children are expensive. Already having two kids, McKayla should know this first hand.

On the other hand, some Unexpected viewers don’t see anything wrong with someone wanting to have another baby. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she will be having another one anytime soon. One fan wrote, “I have baby fever even when I knew I couldn’t handle another kid.” Many fans pointed out that someone can want another newborn even if they already have one. Knowing McKayla’s history it wouldn’t be shocking if she were to have another baby.

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