‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Broke and Done With School? TLC Star Gives Life and Mental Health Update

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins gave fans an update on her life and mental health in a Youtube video. In a recently published video, McKayla explained that she has been struggling with anxiety and depression. Along with struggling with her mental state, she also finds it hard dealing with school and raising her children. With no time to work, McKayla is also having money problems. Her life is a little messy at the moment.

TLC’s Unexpected – McKayla Adkins Not Happy With Life

McKayla Adkins admitted in the video that she is very unhappy with her life at the moment. The young Unexpected star also stated that she is depressed. Which is a term she does not use lightly. Mckayla revealed that she suffers from depression and anxiety. She said that she has “been bouncing around on different medication.” Although, nothing seems to be working for her.

The Unexpected mother-of-two also revealed that she and her boyfriend have broken up. She doesn’t say the boy’s name. Though, she said that “things just didn’t work out.” According to McKayla, with how she has been feeling mentally “it just wasn’t a good time.” She has a lot of other important things to focus on than being in a relationship.

TLC Star Broke and Done With College

McKayla Adkins spoke about her struggles of dealing with taking care of two children and going to school. The Unexpected celeb said that she “might not be in college for very much longer.” She said that it is “sucking the life out of me.” All she does is go to school and then goes home to study. For McKayla “school has just been a lot.”

Not only has college taken up a lot of the Unexpected reality star’s time, but it also has taken a lot of her money as well. She revealed that she is “pretty much broke.” The only job McKayla currently has is making videos for her Youtube channel. However, with spending all her time studying she hasn’t been able to make videos. No videos being made means no money is being made.

Unexpected: McKayla Has No Time For Children

McKayla Adkins has been spending most of her time with school work. She has no time to do anything for herself or her children. She admitted that she hasn’t been giving her kids the attention they need. Which is why she is considering dropping out of college. Luckily, McKayla still lives with her grandparents and does have some help.

The Unexpected young mom has not given up on her education completely. McKayla Adkins wants to go back when her children are old enough to understand “why mommy isn’t around.” With McKayla always at school, she fears that her children will get attached to other people. Since she can’t be there to take care of them herself. 

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