‘Unexpected’ Spoilers: McKayla Adkins Deals With Issues While Pregnant Again – Fans Question Maturity

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins deals with relationship issues while pregnant with baby number two. McKayla became a mom at the age of sixteen. Now with a second child on the way she will become a mom of two at the age of eighteen. However, she isn’t in this pregnancy alone. McKayla’s baby daddy Caelan Morrison is also about to be a father again. Although his first time around wasn’t the greatest. McKayla and Caelan went through a lot of ups and downs. It seems like the second time around isn’t going any better. Fans start to question if McKayla is mature enough to be having a second child.

The new season starts at 10pm on August 4 on TLC.

Unexpected Spoilers: McKayla Adkins Pregnant With Second Baby

McKayla Adkins already has a two-year-old son named Timothy with Caelan Morrison. Being teen parents wasn’t easy for the young couple. However, the couple’s lives get even crazier when Caelan and McKayla find out that they are expecting again. McKayla revealed late last year on social media that she was expecting another baby. However, the post was quickly deleted. Many believed that it was the TLC network that told her to delete it.

Unexpected spoilers explain that McKayla Adkins is going to be a teen mom of two. She says that “I am eighteen and I’m pregnant with my second baby.” Being only eighteen and about to have two kids under the age of two surly won’t be easy for this young mom. However, the season will follow McKayla through her second pregnancy. While she also deals with a complicated relationship with Caelan.

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Unexpected Couple No Longer Together?

According to a Youtube video posted by McKayla Adkins, her and Caelan are no longer together. In the video she explained that she moved out of her and Caelan’s house. She is now living with her grandparents again. She revealed that she was alone a lot of the time. The young mom also wasn’t getting any help taking care of their son. McKayla felt like a single mother. Which is why she moved out.

Unexpected spoilers show McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison dealing with many issues in their relationship. It seems like Caelan wants to work on their relationship. He tells McKayla “let’s stop fighting.” However, the young mother still doesn’t seem happy. She states that “because we have kids doesn’t make us happy.” Viewers will get to see what went down before the couple ended their relationship.

Fans Express Maturity Concerns

Fans of the show watch as teens deal with unexpected pregnancies. However, with this being McKayla’s and the father of her child Caelan Morrison’s second pregnancy, fans question why she is even on the TLC show. Surly, this pregnancy can’t be that unexpected. One fan expressed that after having one unplanned pregnancy she should’ve done more to prevent a second.

Unexpected fans questioned McKayla’s maturity level. One viewer wrote that “McKayla is way too immature to be having another kid.” Another viewer recalled that the mom of two admitted to not doing anything to prevent getting pregnant again. However, the viewer added “sufficed to say, this pregnancy is not a surprise.”

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