‘Unexpected’ Spoiler: Mckayla Adkins Reveals Pregnancy Announcement for Baby No. 2

Unexpected star Mckayla Adkins is revealing what fans already suspected, which is that she is pregnant. The TLC reality star is expecting her second child. She shared the news by posting a video on YouTube. In this 16 minute video, Mckayla didn’t hold back.

Mckayla Adkins of Unexpected shares big pregnancy news

There had been a lot of talk that Mckayla Adkins posted on her social networks she was expecting. Then she later deleted the pregnancy posts. This was probably because TLC was upset she shared the news. Today, when she went to YouTube Mckayla, explained that she had wanted to tell fans, but wasn’t allowed to do it yet.

Mckayla is 26 weeks along in her pregnancy. The father of this child is the same one as Timmy, which is Caelan Morrison. She will be just 18-years-old and the Unexpected star will have two children already. This new pregnancy should prove that TLC will want her back for another season if she accepts.

Everything Mckayla Adkins of Unexpected had to say about the baby news

The above video that Mckayla Adkins posted is over 15 minutes long, so it shares a lot about her pregnancy news. She starts out by showing off positive pregnancy tests. When she shows the tests to Caelan, it seems like he already knew. He admits that he is excited about the news.

She had been taping things every single week to share with fans. Mckayla did have a bit of spotting, but the baby was fine and she got it confirmed from a doctor that she was four weeks along at that time. At that point, everything was going well with her pregnancy.

At just five weeks pregnant, she already had a bit of a baby bump. Mckayla Adkins seemed very excited about everything to do with pregnancy. She was even keeping a book of her symptoms. For some reason, at this point, the Unexpected star felt like it was a girl, but she didn’t know for sure yet.

During this video, the Unexpected star shows a lot of bump updates and talk about going to the doctor. She doesn’t leave much out. Now that she has revealed her pregnancy, you know Mckayla will end up sharing a lot of news with fans.

Mckayla Adkins does know the gender of the baby now. She revealed that the baby is great and that she will be sharing a big gender reveal soon. It sounds like the Unexpected star is doing great with her pregnancy and is just enjoying it. So far, she hasn’t shared what her grandparents think of the fact that she is expecting once again. They do love Timmy and you know will love the new baby as well.

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