‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison – Are They Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Unexpected stars McKayla Adkins and baby daddy Caelan Morrison have had a very rocky past. TLC fans want to know if McKayla and Caelan are still together and where are they now.

Becoming parents at a young age put a strain on their relationship. The two were constantly arguing. But, they always tried to make their relationship work for their children. Continue reading to find out if McKayla and Caelan are still together.

Unexpected Update: McKayla Adkins & Caelan Morrison – Are They Still Together?

McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison were once high school sweethearts. But, their relationship was far from perfect. Once McKayla gave birth to their son, the dynamic of their Unexpected relationship changed. The two had broken up. But, McKayla then found herself pregnant with their second child. So, she and Caelan decided to work things out. Since then the two have had an on and off-again relationship. Though, now it seems like there is no getting back together for them.

The Unexpected parents are no longer together. McKayla Adkins told fans that she was not happy being with Caelan Morrison. While Caelan felt like there was nothing he could do to keep his family together. Although, Caelan and McKayla have now found happiness with other people.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

McKayla & Caelan  – Where are They Now?

McKayla Adkins has been spending her time taking care of her two young children. She recently told Unexpected fans that she welcomed a new addition to her family. McKayla was searching for the perfect pet for her kids. Since they “absolutely adore animals.” And she found it. McKayla got a cat named “Skoob.” She shared a clip online of her oldest cuddling their new pet.

The Unexpected young mom has kept her love life private. Until now. McKayla Adkins has been sharing pictures of herself with a mystery man online. She hasn’t said much about who this person is. But, fans are guessing that he is her new boyfriend. She and her new man are driving across America. McKayla said that she “wouldn’t wanna road trip across the country with anyone else.” Although, there has been no confirmation about the status of their relationship.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison - Hana Fawaz

Caelan Finds Love Again

Caelan Morrison has also moved on with someone new. Earlier this year, he had shared pictures of him and his girlfriend, Hana Fawaz online. There isn’t much known about the Unexpected celeb’s new girlfriend. But, the fact that she is a cosmetologist. And that makes Caelan happy. She also has a the stamp of approval from Caelan’s mom, Shelly Morrison.

The Unexpected young father’s mother Shelly Morrison recently shared a picture of Caelan Morrison and his girlfriend online. The two were crossing a river holding hands. Shelly and McKayla Adkins didn’t always get along. Especially, when it came to McKayla supposedly not letting Caelan see his children. However, it seems like Shelly and Caelan’s new girl have a good relationship. Hana Fawaz said “so cute” on Shelly’s picture of the couple.

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