‘Unexpected’: Caelan Morrison Has New Girlfriend – McKayla Adkins Selling Explicit Content

Unexpected star Caelan Morrison allegedly has a new girlfriend. As for his ex-girlfriend, McKayla Adkins, she is currently selling explicit pictures for money. Caelan and Mckayla share two wonderful children together. But, their relationship was far from perfect. After dealing with an on and off-again relationship, the two seemingly have called it quits for good. Caelan has moved on with another girl. While McKayla is trying out another way to make money.

TLC’s Unexpected: Caelan Morrison Dating Someone New

Caelan Morrison dealt with a rocky relationship with McKayla Adkins. But, the Unexpected cast member is seemingly putting McKayla in his past. Caelan is supposedly dating a girl who goes by the name Hana Fawaz. The two recently shared pictures of each other online. Although the pair have yet to confirm if they are in a relationship. But, pictures can say a lot.

Fans of the Unexpected young father were quick to notice how happy Caelan Morrison looked with this new girl. One fan said, “you deserve happiness and I’m so happy for you.” Another fan wrote, “you guys are so cute together.” Yet, many fans were curious to find out what Caelan thought about how McKayla Adkins has been making money lately.

Unexpected: Caelan Morrison - Hana Fawaz

Mckayla Adkins Selling Explicit Services

McKayla Adkins is no stranger when it comes to trying out different ways to make money. She is still making videos for her Youtube channel. In the past, the Unexpected celeb thought about selling merch. But, there didn’t seem to be much interest among fans. Her latest money-making plan involves joining an app that is used to sell explicit services. For a low payment, people can subscribe to get pictures or videos from McKayla in lingerie.

The Unexpected mother of two isn’t only selling videos and pictures of herself. McKayla Adkins has a list of her services. That list includes her rating male body parts and sending pictures of her feet. Having flirtatious conversations is also on the list. But all for a price. Her prices range from twenty dollars to seventy dollars.

Unexpected: Mckayla Adkins

Unexpected Fans Share Opinions on McKayla’s Newest Endeavour

Fans of the show didn’t hold back their opinions about McKayla Adkins’s money-making stunt. One fan wrote that “she is sinking lower and lower.” Another fan said that “she’ll regret this one day, but the internet never forgets.” Many fans also thought that if Caelan Morrison did this McKayla wouldn’t be happy about it. Fans believed that she would of most likely keep their kids away from him.

Although, not every Unexpected fan was against what McKayla Adkins is doing. One fan said that “she looks good especially for having two kids.” Another fan said, “go ahead boo thing, make that money.” McKayla seems to be making a lot of it. She said online, “I’ve made well over my rent already and have plenty of extra cash” to spend on her children.

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