‘Unexpected’: Mckayla Adkins Opens up on Latest Caelan Morrison Breakup

Unexpected stars Mckayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison broke up again. The two have a long and complicated relationship filled with breakups and makeups. But now, Mckayla opens up about their most recent split. After hurtful things were said, Mckayla says she’s over trying to fix what’s broken between her and Caelan. Here’s what she said.

Unexpected: Mckayla Adkins Unhappy with Caelan Morrison

Late last year, Mckayla Adkins and her then-boyfriend Caelan Morrison got back together. The two moved in together. Plus, they had their kids Timothy and Gracelynn there, too. Then, the Unexpected pair seemed to have ironed out their issues. Because, Mckayla often shared videos and photos of then looking happy. Now, though, it seems like their relationship wasn’t as perfect as it looked.

The Unexpected mom-of-two confirmed she and Caelan Morrison split again. And, Mckayla Adkins said their relationship was in a bad place for a while. Although, she admits they were happy together sometimes. But, Mckayla felt like she was mostly unhappy. She said their relationship turned controlling. Plus, she didn’t like how clingy Caelan got.

Unexpected: Mckayla Adkins - Caelan Morrison

TLC Star Seeks Help from Therapy

Mckayla Adkins admits she and Caelan Morrison saw a therapist together. They’d hoped to fix their issues. But, it didn’t seem to work for the Unexpected parents. She said any time she wanted to talk over “anything real” that Caelan grew upset. It seems what she said made Caelan look bad. In the end, she said they “couldn’t fix any of our issues”.

However, the Unexpected teen mom didn’t stop seeing the therapist. Mckayla Adkins then met with a therapist on her own. She said Caelan Morrison acted like she was mentally unstable. And, he called her bipolar. So, she asked her therapist if that’s true. Then, she said: “I wasn’t diagnosed with bipolar disorder”. However, Mckayla Adkins from Unexpected said she’s a diagnosed PTSD sufferer.

Caelan Morrison Calls Police on Unexpected Co-Star

Recently, Mckayla Adkins said the aftermath of her break-up with Caelan Morrison got messy. She even said Caelan called the police on her. Then, she claims he told them that Mckayla was self-harming. She said he also told police she might harm their children, too. However, when the police checked, she says they concluded everything was fine.

So, she says the Unexpected baby daddy left his children — and their mother Mckayla. But, she says Caelan remains in the house even though he has no money to help pay the bills. Mckayla Adkins said that she paid all the bills for them. Now, she says she should’ve been smarter and never got back together with Caelan Morrison.

Now, Mckayla Adkins said she can assure fans that she and Caelan Morrison are done. To quote Taylor Swift, those two are never, ever, getting back together… We’ll see.

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