‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Hurting For Money and Selling Merch Fans Don’t Want?

Unexpected cast member McKayla Adkins seems to be doing whatever she can to make money. But fans are dissing her latest project to sell themed merchandise. She’s no stranger to sharing her life with the public. In addition to appearing on TLC’s hit show, McKayla also shares her life online. As a result, she’s built quite a following. However, her followers may not be as supportive as she thought. Because, she revealed she’ll have merchandise for sale. But, it seems no one’s hot to buy it.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Lacking Funds?

McKayla Adkins is a mom of two young children. And, it can be very expensive to raise children. As a young mom, it seems like McKayla may be struggling to earn money. In the past, MacKayla said she was broke. At the time, she was attending school, which was taking up a majority of her funds. So, she dropped out.

The Unexpected mom doesn’t seem to have another job. The only source of income McKayla Adkins has spoken about was from the TLC show. McKayla also makes videos for her YouTube channel that generate cash. But, it seems like it just isn’t enough for the mom of two.

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TLC Celeb Selling Family-Themed Products

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins currently sells items belonging to her and her family. So, these range from baby clothes to jewelry. Most of the items sold are her used clothes. Although, it seems McKayla’s sold lots of stuff. Now, she’s planning to hawk something more personal. In fact, she’s looking to sell things with her face on it. It sure seems McKayla Adkins is doing what she can to support herself and her family.

The Unexpected celeb recently took to social media to let fans know she’ll be selling merchandise. In the announcement, McKayla asked if any artists would like to draw the artwork. McKayla Adkins explained that she would like the artwork to be a drawing of her family. She added that it “can either be outlines or cartoons”. And, she offered to pay the person she chooses for the design.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Fans Not Supporting Unexpected Alum

Before moving forward with the merch, McKayla Adkins reportedly polled followers online. She wanted to see if they’d purchase her products. According to fans, the poll results indicated the merch move would be a flop. They don’t seem too supportive of the idea. Apparently, not many want a shirt with Unexpected’s McKayla and her family’s faces on it. But, she decided to go ahead with the idea anyway – despite the allegedly poor poll results.

Unexpected viewers took to the internet to voice their thoughts. Many viewers were confused as to why McKayla Adkins would go ahead with the idea when the majority said “no”. One TLC watcher wrote, “pretty sure she was gonna do it anyway because we all know McKayla doesn’t take advice from anyone”. Another fan said they wouldn’t support it quipping: “I just don’t think I’d support McKayla by purchasing a t-shirt”.

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