‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins’ Daughter Gracelynn Undergoes Emergency Surgery

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins revealed online that she and Caelan Morrison’s daughter Gracelynn had to have surgery early this morning. Their youngest child was dealing with a bacterial infection and a fever. Their time spent in the hospital was not easy. But, McKayla was happy to have Caelan there. The procedure was successful. McKayla and Caelan left the hospital with their daughter this morning.

TLC’s Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Takes Gracelynn To Hospital

McKayla Adkins shared with fans that she had to take her daughter Gracelynn to the hospital. The Unexpected celeb found out that Gracelynn had an abscess in a hard spot to reach. An abscess is a bacterial infection that causes puss to built up in body tissue. For Gracelynn the build-up was deep. This meant that surgery was a must.

The Unexpected cast member told fans on Instagram that Gracelynn would be having surgery. Before the procedure, nurses had to get an IV in Graceylnn. So that they could give her some antibiotics. But, this wasn’t an easy task for the nurses. McKayla said that they “finally got an IV after the fifth poke and two hours of trying.”

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Gracelynn has a new smile when she’s excited now…

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Unexpected Dad Caelan Morrison By Daughter’s Side During Hospital Visit

Since Caelan Morrison and McKayla Adkins got back together their relationship seems to be a lot better. Caelan was there for his daughter at the hospital. Unlike another Unexpected father. Matthew Blevins never went to the hospital when his daughter was sick. Caelan has always made it clear that he would do anything for his children.

The Unexpected alum was seemingly very protective over his daughter. According to McKayla, Caelan Morrison was not happy with the nurses when they weren’t able to get an IV in Gracelynn. McKayla added that “Caelan has literally been the best dad through all this.” She said that he has been so “protective and attentive.” McKayla is thankful for having Caelan help her during this difficult time.

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TLC Couple’s Daughter Recovering From Surgery

Earlier today, McKayla Adkins wrote online that Gracelynn was in the surgery room. The surgery seemingly didn’t take too long. Since not long after, McKayla shared that they were on their way home. The Unexpected TLC star wrote that “Gracelynn did great in surgery.” But, Gracelynn now has to wear a drain. She will have it for 7 to 10 days.

The Unexpected mom was happy that her daughter felt like herself after surgery. McKayla Adkins said that once Gracelynn “got all of the wires and IVs off her she was back to acting like herself.” McKayla told fans that the doctors would call Gracelynn a fighter through the whole process. Gracelynn seemed to get a lot of love at the hospital. Glad to see that Gracelynn is on the road to recovery.

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